Thursday, January 3, 2008

Card Review: Gaius the Wicked Monarch


TCG Name: Gaius the Wicked Monarch
OCG Name: 邪帝ガイウス
Card Attribute: Dark
Card Type: Fiend/Effect
Card Level: 6
ATK/DEF: 2400/1000
SD14 - JP001

Card Effect: When this card is Tribute Summoned, remove from play 1 card on the field. If the removed card was a DARK monster, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.

Its time for another card review!
There'll be many card reviews this week as I seriously have nothing else better to do.

Ok, this time its the cover card for the newest Structure Deck - Advent of Emperors, Gaius.

It has the normal stats for an Emperor/Monarch so it really isn't anything new for an Emperor/Monarch.
Its a fiend type too! Meaning you could always play this card with the normal fiend supports like Hate Buster or even use it for Dark Gaia food.
What's gay about this card that would probably make it the best Emperor/Monarch out of all of them is it's effect.

Removing a card from play always means you won't get to see it again. Unless your opponent plays stuff like D.D.R, Dimension Fusion, blah blah blah.
Great opponent stuff to remove from game
- Treeborn Frog, prevents the usual Frog Abuse.
- Dandelion, No tokens.
- D-Hero Diskguy, No drawing engine shyt!
- Any Dark Monster, Eat 1k you b*tch!
- Anything monster you can't seem to kill
- Magic/Trap you really wish to get rid of. Stuff like Rainbow Ruins or Gravity Bind.

Its not always a good thing to remove stuff though, monsters like D.D. Survivor n D.D. Scout Plane would definitely return but before that, you could always allow the opponent to recieve some damage from Gaius's effect and attack!

Overall, its a really really gay Emperor/Monarch as its effect is rather universal. Its even better than Raiza! Sry Raiza fans. Lol.

Here are some Q & A taken from Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia about Gaius.






Q: When removing a DARK attribute monster when it is equipped to a monster on the field, does the opponent recieve 1000 damage?
A: No, as the DARK attribute monster would have been removed from game as an Equipment card instead of a Monster Card.

Q: Is there any effect of applying 1000 damage even when the dark attribute monster is in the face down defense position?
A: Yes, there is.

Q: Even if this card doesn't exist on the field when resolving its effect of removing a dark monster, is the effect of applying 1000 damage to the opponent applicable?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Is the effect of removing the card from game & dealing non effect damage done simultaneously?
A: Yes, it is simultaneous.


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