Thursday, January 31, 2008

Card Review : Arms Hole

Hiya people! Its been awhile since the last card review! Really sorry as I'm busy with work and did not have much time to do the updates! But at last there is a update today? Okay today's card review will be on one of the cards in the Latest [Osiris Red Academy Duel Disk] ! The card is.. [Arms hole]!

Arms Hole

[Arms Hole]
Normal Magic
Activate only by sending the top card of your deck to the graveyard. Search your deck or graveyard for an Equipment Magic card and add it to your hand. During the turn that this card is activated, you cannot perform any normal summons or set of monsters.

Hmmm! In my opinion.. This card is the gayest card in the [Osiris Red Academy Duel Disk] set! By being able to search out for any Equipment Magic card from your deck or from the grave would mean alot of advantages! Even that small little cannot normal summon or set this turn drawback would mean nothing! Example of some Equipment Magic cards that are very powerful with [Arms Hole] would be.. Our favourite revival Equipment Magic card [Premature Burial], or a powerful element of Ha-Oh sama's Emobc deck combo.. The [D.D.R] Equipment Magic card!

Or even... If you did spy upon a [D-HERO Diskguy] in your opponent's graveyard, you can always search out a [Autonomous Action Unit] from your deck and pay 1500 lifepoints just for that [D-HERO Diskguy] , or if there are also powerful monsters in their grave like [Keeper Of The Forest - Green Baboon] and so on so forth! Another great revival card will be the [Battle Warfront Revival] Equipment card! It has a [Monster Reborn] effect and the only cost would be to send a normal monster from your field to the grave in order to activate! So why not? =D

Another strong card to search out would be... [Snatch Steal]! But too bad that its already banned! I guess with the existence of [Arms Hole], unbanning [Snatch Steal] will be like quite impossible? LOL! Okay back to topic again, cards that can boost the attack strength of your monsters would also be quite handy with [Arms Hole]. Cards like... [United We Stand], [Mage Power], [Axe Of Despair], [Fusion Weapon], [Ritual Weapon] and so on so forth. They'll surely give a punch to the monsters thats equipped with them! Ouch?!

But ya there are weak points towards even the gayest cards! [Arms Hole] can be easily countered by [D.D Crow] if you are targetting the Equipment Magic card in the graveyard. And [Raiou] can just stop you from searching from your deck for the Equipment Magic card that you wanted! And by having [Macro Cosmo] on the field, you would not be able to activate [Arms Hole] at all! So these are all the weak points of [Arms Hole] that can put you at a disadvantage at some situations when you really need those Equipment Magic cards to save you.

Overall this card is pretty useful in almost every deck! It allows you to reuse Equipment Magic cards like [Premature Burial] , [United We Stand] and so on so forth! And its been awhile since Konami printed some extremely powerful cards for us to use in our OCG metagame! But I guess it'll most probably be restricted in the upcoming banlist =( ... I shall follow Ha-Oh sama's teachings! Please do not restrict [Arms Hole] , Its not gay, Its just a good card. =D... Okay then! Thats the end for today's update! Till my next update.. Goulian Signing off!

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