Friday, January 4, 2008

Card Review: Different Dimension Revival


TCG Name: Different Dimension Revival
OCG Name: ディファレント・ディメンション・リバイバル (D・D・R)
SD14 - JP017
Card Type: Equipment Spell Card
Card Effect: Discard 1 card from your hand. Special Summon 1 of your monsters that is removed from play, and equip it with this card. If this card leaves the field, destroy the equipped monster.

Ok, if you have noticed me & Colin has been hardworking enough to review so many cards these few days! We're trying to rush through the Structure Deck cards, Duel Disk Promos and then PTDN!

So we're going to skip [Kaiser Sacrifice] for obvious reasons and move on the [D.D.R].

It really is something like a [Premature Burial] except the cost to activate it is to discard a card.

Do take note this card doesn't work like [Premature Burial] though, [Giant Trunade] would not leave the monster equipped to [D.D.R] on the field.

[D.D.R] can be used together with many other cards.
There's your [Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu] or [Arms Hole] to search for it.
Revival wise, there are many monsters!
- Magician of Black Chaos (will talk about an infinite combo later)
- Important monsters for the deck engine that were removed by the opponent
E.g. E-Hero Airman in an Ocean Control Deck or Treeborn Frog in an Emperor/Monarch Deck

So how do we use this in combos? Easy. Michael-Sama from Dueling Days has already taught us how to!

Step1: Use [Arms Hole] & search for [D.D.R].
Step 2: Use [D.D.R] to revive [Magician of Black Chaos] from the out of game pile.
Step 3: Use [Magician of Black Chaos]'s effect and take back [Arms Hole].
Repeat as much as you want!

Here's a clearer view of the combo!


Remember to Reduce, Reuse & RECYCLE!

I'm not going to talk about alot about [Arms Hole] as it's supposed to be Colin's review but ya. It can be used in this never ending recycling combo! Well, unless your opponent somehow [D.D. Crow] your [D.D.R] in the grave or negates something in the recycling combo.

Well, overall you can say this card is a pretty useful card. I always never fail to put this in the side deck. You might never know what kind of deck you will be playing against!