Friday, January 4, 2008

Card Review : Emperor Order

Ok! We've been really hardworking for these couple of days trying to rush our reviews to the most updated cards! And we know we are far way back behind schedule >.< .... Ok! Today's review from me will be another and the last card from the structure deck [Advent Of The Emperor] ! The Card is... [Emperor Order]! Here goes!

Emperor Order 1

[ エンペラー・オーダー]
[Emperor Order]
Continuous Trap
You may negate the activation of an effect monster that activates when a monster is normal summoned. The controller of that monster draws 1 card from his/her deck.

So lets see..... Whats good about negating certain monster card's effects when being activated after a monster was normal summoned? Well if you are able to negate monsters like [Wicked Emperor Gaius] , [Wind Emperor Raiza] and so on so forth. It will at least be able to save yourself from being controlled by your opponent's devasting effects that are casted down by those powerful monsters! Even though it allows the controller of those monsters to draw a card from his/her deck. Its quite a small cost if it is able to help you gain back control of the field.

What about the other good points about this card? Lets see again.... If you are a player using a [Gadget] deck... Whenever your [Gadget] monsters are unable to continue searching from the deck.. This card continues to help you fliter the deck! It will negate your [Gadget] monster's effects and allows you to draw 1 card from your deck! Same theory that can be able to applied to monsters like our famous [E-HERO Airman]!

Combos for this card... Hmmm.... This might sound silly but... Perhaps a [Appropriate] deck can use this card inside I think. After negating those extremely powerful monster effects, and allowing your opponent to draw 1 card. It also is able to let yourself gain even more from the [Appropriate] card!

What this card cannot negate are monsters that has built in effects when they're on the field.. Such as.. [Jinzo] , [Spell Canceller] , [King Mist] and so on so forth! Overall this card can be placed inside a side deck as it almost works like a [Pulling The Rug] except that it doesn't destroy the monster. There are quite a few ruling issues concerning this card. I shall try to find them and post it here too! Short review but ya! Thats all that I can think of for this card!

If you have anymore ideas... Like always... You can email us or tag us at the Duel Chat! box there! Till then to our next update! Goulian Signing off!

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