Thursday, January 3, 2008

Card Review : Dimension Chemistry

Ok guys! Time for another review from Goulian! Have you all been waiting long? Well today's card review will be on.. [Dimension Chemistry]! Its another card from the latest structure deck [Advent Of The Emperor]! So lets roll it up!

Dimension chemistry 1

[Dimension Chemistry]
Attribute: Light, Type: Angel
Effect Monster, 4 stars, Atk 1300/Def 200
Once per turn, you can remove the top card from your deck away from the game and this card gains 500 attack points till the end phase of this turn. When this card from your field is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, you may select a monster card from your out of game pile and add it to your hand.

So what is nice about this card? A 1300 attack points and 200 defend monster doesn't seems to be attractive as a fighter. But wait! This card can increase its attack points by 500 when you activate its effect to remove the top card of your deck away from the game.

Well the card that you removed will have to depend on your luck! Well its not always a must to remove the top card of your deck away from the game. A situational effect then =D.. But cards that has powerful effects when removed from the game will be like... [D.D Scout Plane], [Necroface] and alot more! It depends on what kind of deck will this card be in.

As for the second effect of this card, which is actually the strongest point about this card! Its effect of being able to retrieve a monster card from your out of game pile and add it to your hand! Quite a monster life saver! As decks these days uses quite alot of [Bottomless Trap Hole] , [Dimensional Imprisonment] and so on so forth that removes your monsters away from the game.

The only cards that [Dimension Chemistry] will be useless against are cards like [Macro Cosmo] , [Dimension Fissure] , [Banisher Of The Radiance] and [Banisher Of The Light] as [Dimension Chemistry] needs to be destroyed and sent to the graveyard to activate its effect!

As for certain nice monster cards to take back from the out of game pile to add into your hand are your key monster cards like [D-HERO Diabolicguy] ? Enables you to use its effect again if there are still [D-HERO Diabolicguy] in your deck. [E-HERO Airman] sounds nice to add it back to the hand when it is affected by [Bottomless Trap Hole], [Dimensional Imprisonment] and so on so forth.

As for its attribute, being a light type is quite playable with cards that power ups light type monsters and searchable by [Shining Angel] since its attack points is only 1300! And also for it to be a Angel Type monster... [Calling Nova] can also search it out very easily! Allowing you to call upon [Dimension Chemistry] alot faster.

There are more than meets the eye for this card, it depends on your luck and how you use this card to be able to unleash it to its fullest potential. If you people have more ideas... Don't be scared and email us a ! Or just leave a question at the Duel Chat! box. Do not leave anything remarks in the comments below the post though, cause its gonna take us forever to notice! lol!

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