Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gladiator's Assault Is OUT!!! And.. More EXPENSIVE Than Ever..

Hey Goulian Here!!!! Well guys as ken told u all... Gladiator's Assault is out today and I only tried one pack.. Din brought enough cash to do some serious whacking after all lol... And the pack was sold at $3.50 per pack at comic's connection located at lot 1 shopper's mall... Think maybe all of comic's connection located all over the island will be sold at $3.50 ba... For the reasons of increased price of the packs... The thing maybe because of the sudden increase of GST.. Thats why the packs are getting more expensive...

Well in my pack.. there was no foil but i got 1x "Antique Gear Knight"(Rare), 1x "Legendary Gambling Master", 1x "Diamond Dust Cyclone", 1x "Typhoon" and a "Cloudian" monster...The "Antique Gear Knight" is a Dual monster... So for u just have to dual summon it to get it's effect.. The "Legendary Gambling Master" effect sounds quite "ok" and the other 3 cards i got well... We just have to slowly figure out their potential from here then.. Will do some deck building around these cards soon to bring you people more info on the potential of these cards =)

Well i'm off now.. Goulian Signing Off!!!!

-P.S The names might not be accurate.. Do visit for the exact info!!!

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