Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Card Review: Dark Fusion

Ok its time to do some card reviews on the new set.
First off lets look at the Supreme King Judai's card - Dark Fusion.
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GLAS-JP047 Dark Fusion [Super Rare]
Normal Magic Card
Send Fusion Material Monsters that are listed on a Fusion Monster from your hand or your side of the field to the Graveyard, and Special Summon that Demon-Type Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck. The monster Special Summoned by this effect cannot be targeted by effects of your opponent's Magic, Trap and Effect monster during this turn. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon).
Well it is a normal magic card so theres not much requirement to activate this card. The only problem is about the fusion material monsters.
Ok lets list out all Demon Fusion type monsters.
- Dark Baltar. Ok great fusion but the materials? Ok forget it. Lets jus stick to Metamorphosis.
- Evil Hero Inferno Wing. Very 'big' fusion materials. However very searchable via E-Emergency call, Reinforcements and our famous Airman.
- Evil Hero Lightning Golem. Same as Inferno Wing.
- Evil Hero Dark Gaia. Ok this is what I'm going to focus on.
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GLAS-JP040 Evil Hero Dark Gaia [Super Rare]
EARTH/Demon - Fusion - Effect/8/?/0
"Rock-Type Monster" + "Demon-Type Monster"
This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon with "Dark Fusion". This card's original ATK becomes the combined (original) ATK of the monsters used to Fusion Summon it. When this card attacks, you can change all Defense Position monsters your opponent controls to face-up Attack Position. Flip Effects of Effect Monsters are not activated at that time.
Lets have a look at 岩石族(Rock-Types) and 悪魔族(Demon-Types) worth mentioning.
- Giant Gogre. Kinda big, 2100 att but must be dual-summoned first.
- Fossil Tusker. Averagely big. Since many useful monsters are 1800 att. Extra 400 dmg effect is alittle erm... useless.
- Neospacian Ground Mole. Everyone's favourite.
- Sandmoth. Beat me! No u can't? U finally did? I'm 2k now! Bwhaha.
- Hieracosphinx. Big. Can protect ur Face downs from getting Mole-d back to the hand.
- Earth Emperor - Grandmargu. I doubt I need to say anything about this card since everyone shld be freaking familiar with it.
- Metamol Pod. Hand refill.
- Gigantes. Big stuff. Heavy Storm effect is good for situations too.
- Desert Twister. Big but hard to summon. Good M/T removal.
- Evil Hero Malicious Edge. Just painful. Easy summon when opp has a monster.
- Evil Hero Hell Gainer. Quite big yet averagely small. Good effect.
- General Demon. Unless the deck is Pandemonium built. Otherwise forget it.
- Dark Lucius LV4, Lv6, Lv8. Nice effect but hard to play.
- Phantom Emperor - Ravel. Hoho. Say hi to Ah-Gong. Hard to summon.
- Dark Necrophia. Abit .......
- Critter. Deck staple.
- Dragon Killer. Die horus!!!!
- Nyudoria. Nice monster removal.
- Lava Golem. Thats if opp plays it on u... you can always Dark Fusion this.
- Viser Shock. Small but super hurricane effect. Good for clearing field.
- Invader of the Dark. Screw the goats, shrinks, body as shield, enemy controller. Die haoh!
- End of Anubis. Screw many many graveyard stuff.
- Dead Spirit Knight - Death Calibur Knight. great negating effect. nice beatstick too.
- The Devils Dread-root. Ho ho. Say hi to Ah-Gong number 2.
- Dark Demon - Gilfar Demon. When was the last time I saw people play this?
- Newt. Also known as Slate Warrior in tcg. Big stuff when flipped summoned.
- Messenger of Hades - Gors. Nuff' said.

Ok lets have a look at the BIGGEST possible Dark Gaia.
Lets say Earth Emperor + Ravel is 2400+4000 = 6400 attack is not a joke. OMFG!
Baha said thats stress. Lol. Summon Hell Gainer and opp's dead.
Oh wait. Did u just forget that Dark Fusioned monsters cannot be effected by targeting cards?
Forget the Sakeretsu Armor or Bottomless. But there are still cards that kill it flat. Like Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Crush Card Virus. Well, theres a 2nd advantage to the card too. Which is the face down monsters get flipped with no flipped effects! So die Marshmellon! die Reaper! Die ah-mah! Die Man-eater bug? Ok if it was hell gainer-ed effected den opp's quite dead hur. Lol. Lets talk about those commonly used materials. Ground Mole and Gors would be perfect right? Dark Gaia would be 900+2700 = 3600 attack is big stuff! For the beatdown, you could always summon your Hell Gainer to allow ur Gors to attack twice. =3
Since Dark Fusion requireds top decking (Golden Sealed Chest would help) I would only advice for decks to play 1 or 2 copies of it with a Rock/Demon beatdown deck. Its much stable this way. Although I can't post a decklist for this as I don't have Dark Fusion (looking for sellers)! I'm quite sure the deck could be a quite violent beatdown deck with an OTK element. Like what DS nii-san would say, this deck is a Beatdown wif a surprise OTK with the correct hand. Well, anydeck works well with the correct hand anyway. Hehe.
Rating for Dark Fusion: 5/10
Rating for Dark Gaia: 8/10
Like I said Dark Fusion is quite hard to get into the hand. Unless u run 3 copies of it. Which would lower that possibility.
Dark Gaia is just pure BIG. Just use the correct materials and your opponent would have a hard time trying to get rid of it. Haha. Until next time...

Special thx to http://manjyomethunder.twoday.net/ for card scan and translation.


Ron said...

colin.. finish reading your review on dual summon monster.. yes.. all those dual summoning monster are cool.. but i think they are totally useless in the metagame ryt now.. they are just TOOO slow..
i never been to any tourny b4.. but u did.. so i'm sure u shld know.. the game is all about speed - deck thinning and get de "swamp" out fast..
the only card(s) from the past 2 set which i think is good as the so call "dual summon tech" is only dual summon and hell kaiser dragon IMO.. dual summon is great in a gadget deck and many others..
as for hell kaiser.. its good cuz it can att 2 times when dual summon.. but would anyone dual summon it when they have better monsters to play from their hand? and rmb the saku? banging into saku just after dual summon it is like losing 2 monster at the same time by 1 card.. and u sacrificed your precious normal summon chance previously + now you're goin to giv your opponent a chance to OTK.. =.= not worth it at all..

Ron said...

and oh ya.. maybe give a review on all the gladiator monster.. they are cool with cards especially for them to draw and recycle monster.. thinking of building one but dun hav the resource.. you have all of them? can sell it to me?

Logan said...

Your forgot the Valkyrion, evil hero gaia can be more stronger than you said... I have a blog to: http://4night.blogspot.com I talk about yugioh, anime and nintendo ds, if you want to make a Partnership, speaks with on msn: logan4night.hotmail.com

Thanks, cya

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