Monday, July 16, 2007

Jurong Tournament

Hi all. Today was a fun day at Jurong again. There wasn't as many people as expected~ so, we just played for top 4 standings to determine who gets the prizes. There was 6 rounds and 10 people.
It wasn't a very very grand tournament but here the results anyway.
1st - GG (Heavy Storm Eng Parallel)
2nd - Jeff (Maruding Captian Eng Parallel)
3rd - YongSiang (D.D. Warrior Lady)
4th - Me (The big SATURN)
I somewhat managed to get 4th thx to Jeryl for giving me his win when he literally owned my Raida wif those bloody SOLEM JUDGEMENT.
Oh well, I'll remember to side deck some Nobleman of Extermination next time. Argh~
Hope next week's tournament would have more people...
Gladiator's Assualt out soon!
Expect reviews on new cards soon~


Ron said...

haha.. to me the best way of countering solemn is decree.. or by simply play some burn card.. like meteor of destruction? playing 1 or 2 after your opponent played solemn ONCE and your opponent will stop playing it for the rest of the duel.. reason: not enuff LP to pay liao la.. full LP 8k used 1 tym left 4k nia.. 2 tym MOD left 2k.. u ROD any 2k att mob u win liao.. lolx..

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