Monday, July 16, 2007

Card Review: Venominon, King of Venomous Serpents

Card Review By Zheng Yang.

I have totally no idea what to do a review on for the past week =.=. Well, tht is until i played with calvin tht day and his 'self proclaimed' venom deck. It looked like crap from initial speculation, but it did had afew interesting tricks tht raised afew eyebrows (although me and colin came up with the tricks and 'TEACH' calvin them =.=). So guess wads today's review about? Its Venominon, King of Venomous Serpents.

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TAEV-JP014 Venominon, King of Venomous Serpents
DARK/Reptile - Effect/8/0/0
This card cannot be Special Summoned by Monster effects except by its own effect. This card is unaffected by the effect of [Venom Swamp]. This card gains 500 ATK for each Reptile-Type monster in your graveyard. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by battle, it can be Special Summoned by removing 1 Reptile-type card in your graveyard from play, except this card.

The first thing is that u'll notice it cant be special summoned by other monster effects, so no RaiDa or tomato. It didnt say about M/T thou so u can use the usual recursion (Premature Burial & Call of the Haunted) and you can also search it out through Damage Condenser or the new reptile themed version: Damage = Reptile.

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TAEV-JP067 Damage = Reptile
Continuous Trap Card
When you receive Battle damage from a battle with a Reptile monster, you can special summon 1 Reptile monster with equal or lower ATK then the value of the damage received from your deck. This effect can only be used once per turn.

The 2nd note is that it goes well with a deck based around Vemon Swamp, since its not affected by it and theres plenty of reptile monsters to boost its ATK.

The 3rd thing is that it can almost never stay dead to combat as long as you have reptile monsters in graveyard. Cause its 2 late to response to its ability with a D.D Crow, the only thing that usually can stop it from coming back is cards that negates effect (L&DD, Divine Wrath), or things that locks the graveyard (Banisher of Radiance and Kycoo).

The last effect thats not written on this card is that its an important component to summon Venominaga, Deity Of Venomous Serpents. If you are gonna build around that then u need to at least include at least 2 venominon along with the trap. But for ideas I'll not include any refrence to Venominaga in this review: its mainly on Venominon after all.

On to combos. The first is obviously using Damage=Reptile to search for it, especially through combat to surprise ppl. Another is use Snake rain to pump this card by 4-5 reptiles. You can also combo this with Card of Safe Return. Lastly, if u got book of moon in ure deck, u can consider both DDV (1000 and below and 2000 and above). You can also play this in a venom swamp deck as a big beatstick and a step to Venominaga. You can also play this in a alien deck since ALL the aliens are actually reptile type.

Well overall this card can potentially be in a fun deck, but not in a field of L&DD, destiny decks and gadget, as its either too inconsistant or its gets completely raped by them. Hopefully some1 makes a gd deck in this soon (I'm also thinking about it). Again sorry for the late review. Until next time.

-Thx to for card scan and translation


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