Friday, July 13, 2007

Dog Crap Volume 1 XD

Well i've been rather down and in a bad mood these days.. So ignored wad i said in the Duel Chat! box.. This site was suppose to be a site where people can view our reviews and deck lists happily right? I'm sorry i took my personal things into this blog where i knew i shld not be doing that >.< (bows down and says sorry, with a very innocent face O.O)

Anyway been rather bored too... Thinking of new deck to build and thinking if there are any other combos no one has found out yet =X (Still thinking hard!!!!) Any ideas anyone? Haiz after grand tournaments it seems like the fun has cut short in times T_T..

Well Zy was suppose to do a review right? But uh.. We are still waiting for him before we can move on hehehehe... So Zy hurry!!!! I got a card i wanna review after zy and ken does theirs.. Shall not spoil you all on it XD.. So will keep you all in suspense till its my turn to do a review ba...

Well I'm off to slp... And Life has to go .... Till then to my next Dog Crap!!!

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