Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Card Review : Decoy Dragon

Hey all!!! Goulian here!!! And its my turn today to post a card review!!! And so today's card review will be on another card of the new structure deck "Revival Of Great Dragon" , the card is "Decoy Dragon" !!!! Here below is a picture of it and it's effect for reference.

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"Decoy Dragon"
Attribute: Fire , Type: Dragon
Effect Monster 2 stars Atk 300/ Def 200
When this card is selected as an attack target by your opponent's monster, select a level 7 or above Dragon type monster from your graveyard and special summon it onto the field, the attack target is then changed to it.

Looks cute doesn't it? Well for being such a cute monster usually has a very special effect for it.. In this case its name suits it's effect quite nicely, being a "Decoy" for an attack and angers a dragon in your grave to block the attack for it certainly is really good. (Its like hitting a baby dragon and the mother is running after you for your life =X)And being a Atk 300/Def 200 monster is really tempting to your opponent for an attack. Its effect is more on revival actually, but it restricts to what kind of dragons you are able to summon from the grave. The restriction is the level limit, this card only allows you to special summon level 7 or above Dragon type monsters from your graveyard.. Which means those kind of lower level dragons with awesome effects can't be used for it.. Oh well..

But hey!! Since its level 7 or above... There are monsters like the awesome "Blue Eyes White Dragon" , "Red Eyes Black Dragon" , "Tyrant Dragon", a fusion summoned before "Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon", The 2 new high level dragons from the structure deck being
"Fel-Grant Dragon" and "Dark Blaze Dragon"... Or you can wait for the upcoming of a new dragon in the LE10 series pack.. The "Blue Ice White Nights Dragon".

Because it is a Dragon type with stats of Atk 300/Def 200 , it can be searched out by the dragon search engine "Masked Dragon" or even being a fire type monster is enabling it to also be able to be searched out by "UFO Turtle". In this case I would prefer it to be searched out by "Masked Dragon" because you can special summon it also in defence mode as "UFO Turtle" restricts it to only be able to be special summoned in attack mode.. But unless you wanna tempt your opponent into attacking a attack position "Decoy Dragon" that is lol..

Hard to get dragon type monsters that are high level into the graveyard? Not a problem at all!!! In these days having high level monsters in the graveyard is really fast!! Cards like "Foolish Burial" being able to send one monster in your deck to the graveyard, or cards like "Future Fusion" which allows you to send a whole bunch of dragons from your deck to the graveyard to try fusion summoning a "F.G.D"(Five God Dragon)... Or here is a card which lets you be able to take back a monster from the grave to your hand while discarding a card for it.. You do know the "Monster Reincarnation" card right? Just discard a high level dragon to the grave and take back another monster, hoping in the next turn your opponent is going to attack your "Decoy Dragon". Oh by the way... Your "Decoy Dragon" needs to be face up for an attack target in order for it to trigger it's effect.. A way to flip your "Decoy Dragon" into face up position in your opponent's turn is by using a card called "Ceasefire", it allows you to flip all face down defense position monsters into face up defence mode(flip effects not activated) which for each effect monster on the field, it will deal 500 damage for each of them.. Deal some damage before calling a big size dragon from your grave sounds quite nice too right? =X

And if you would really like to get more benefits from the revival effect of the "Decoy Dragon"... Maybe you can try playing a card called "Cards Of Safe Return" Its effect is that when a monster from your graveyard is special summoned onto the field, you may draw one card from your deck. Sounds sweet when you are able to draw one card from your deck at the same time while a big size dragon monster is revived from your grave to deal some serious damage to your opponent.And oh ya if your opponent is reluctant to attack your "Decoy Dragon".. Maybe you can also try using a card that was printed in the masters guide book.. Its effect is that it changes the attack target of the opponent's monster to another target on the field. Below is a picture of the "Cards of safe return" and it's effect for reference as it is an old card..

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"Cards Of Safe Return"
Continuous Magic
When a monster from your graveyard is special summoned onto the field, you may draw one card from your deck.

Well there are certain ways to counter this card easily, cards like "D.D Crow" does the job totally and when there are no level 7 or above dragons in your graveyard, you cannot activate the effect as well. "Skill Drain" can also render this card useless too , or when there is a high attack monster on the field that beats all the other high level dragons in your graveyard defeats the purpose of it too. And maybe before even entering the battle phase, your opponent will just smashing ground it to bits and just go in for the kill...

I'll just leave it to you guys on how to use this card to its fullest potential... Till then thats the end of my review today... I'm off to go for a nap mwahahahahahaha =X... Goulian Signing Off~ And if you have any questions do post them at the Duel Chat! box there thank you.

-Thx to http://manjyomethunder.twoday.net/ for card scan and translation

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