Friday, August 10, 2007

Rulings On Solemn Judgement

Hey guys Goulian here! Okay people, if you all have been visiting Dueling Days A.K.A Ds and Baha's blog, you would have seen some rulings on [Raiou] about negating special summoning. Today's post will be about another ruling that confuses quite alot of people these days. The card will be [Solemn Judgement] or for older duelists it will be known as [God's Declaration].
Picture and Effect below for reference.

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[Solemn Judgement]
Pay half of your lifepoints. Negate and destroy a magic, trap, a monster's summoning(includes flip summon and special summon).

So due to the ruling on the [Raiou] effect of negating Special Summon, even though this is a counter trap, this card will NOT be able to negate Special Summoning of monsters like... [Envoy Of Hades-Gors], [Phoenix God Of Nepthys], [Gladial Beasts] Monsters or even [Light And Darkness Dragon] revival effect. It is because these monsters uses the chain block. Meaning that their effect activates first then special summon onto the field, which after Special Summoning it will then their effect be resolved. [Solemn Judgement] or [Raiou] effect cannot enter the chain halfway when the monster is Special Summoned, this is because the chain is still being resolved.

Monsters that CAN be negated of their Special Summoning will be... [Cyber Dragon], [D-HERO Bloo-D], [Ultimate Sealed God- Exodios] and cards that Special Summons like [Chaos Sorcerer]. This is because these monsters do not activate their effect to Special Summon themselves out onto the field, they'll just fufil the cost and will just jump out onto the field.

So lets just put it this way, Monsters that when before Special Summoning CAN have their effects negated by [Divine Wrath] CANNOT be negated of their Special Summoning by [Solemn Judgement]. Examples will be like [Envoy Of Hades-Gors] and [Phoenix God Of Nepthys]. Well thats the end of my post about rulings today ya. Stay Tuned!

For rulings on [Raiou], Do visit A.K.A Ds and Baha's Dueling Blog for more details =D.

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