Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Card Review : Swing Of Reminiscence

Hey guys!!! Goulian back for another exciting card review!!!!! Today's review will be on a card that a famous char in the "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" anime uses!! The char is........

*Drum Rolls*

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He used this card as a kid and trashed his sister Tenjoin Asuka many times using that card, while Asuka was being controlled by Saiou Takuma, Fubuki wanted to use this card to wake up Asuka but uh... In the end never use and was removed from play in the graveyard by Yuki Judai to special summon spell striker.. Bad hor? lol =.="

Ok less on the anime chat and more on the review! The card that Tenjoin Fubuki used was this card!!!! Picture and effect below for reference

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[Swing Of Reminiscence]
Normal Magic Card
Special Summon a normal monster from your graveyard to your side of the field. Monsters Special Summoned by this card's effect is destroyed at the end phase of this turn.

Okay for this cards ability to revive normal monsters is quite good, although its only normal monsters... But there are a few that are worth reviving and using them to smack at your opponent's face! Monsters like [Blue Eyes White Dragon] and [Red Eyes Black Dragon] are great targets to revive and deal some heavy damage to your opponent's lifepoints(ok maybe put aside the [Red Eyes Black Dragon] but its Fubuki's card so ya.. Must mention it! XD) And also.. "Dual Monsters" are very good targets for reviving too to resummon and deal even more damage than the above cards will do. "Dual Monsters" like [Hell Kaiser Dragon] and [Valuable Armor] are monsters worth considering if you wanna play the [Swing Of Reminiscence].

And ya, the "Dual Monster" summoned by the [Swing Of Reminiscence] will still be destroyed even though it was resummoned, as the monster never left the field when it was resummoned. So ya the drawback effect of the card still applies.

So on to the combos that this card might have!! Combos of the "Dual Monsters" I have already mentioned.. So, other combos like using cards to send a few high level Normal Monsters to the grave might help in the activation of this card. Cards that can do this are... [Advanced Ritual Technique] to ritual summon [Demise, King Of Armageddon] to blast the field and then revive a high level normal monster to do heavy whacking XD. Another card [Future Fusion] can also help in doing this too to really throw some [Blue Eyes White Dragon] to the grave for revival.. And ah!!! Almost forgot this card, [Trade In] can also play a big part in discarding high level Normal Monsters from your hand to the grave! And oh [Magical Merchant] is quite nice too... And heard of the latest promo card released? The [Ultimate Sealed God-Exodios] is also quite powerful in helping out this card. A final "lame" combo that I think might work out =X . Revive [Red Eyes Black Dragon] and sacrifice it for... [Red Eyes Darkness Dragon] !!!!! Fubuki-San's Best card!!!!

As for the art of this card... I don't really see any linking between a revival ability and a girl looking out into the see blankly... Maybe revive a [Blue Eyes White Dragon] back to the field to sit at the swing then think about his past life de things and lalalala then end turn Boom!!(ok that was lame but hey some jokes to spice things up right? >.<) And ya guys, I will be updating on my recent main deck these days that works wif the swing too =).. So Stay Tuned!!! Any further ideas for the this card can be posted at your left hand side the... Duel Chat! box there thanks! And for any comments please also post them at the Duel Chat! box there too!!! If you post it in the comments section, we will not be able to notice it at all ya.. Thanks for your co-operation Till my next update... Goulian Signing Off!!!

-Special Thanks to for card scan and card translation


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