Friday, August 3, 2007

Card Reviews: Gladial Beasts

Reviews done by Zheng Yang.

Review on Gladial Beasts
Ken has been asking me to do review on these since I borrowed most (if not all) of his gladial beast stuff to build decks. So here is really compressed version of it all, since I am covering even magic,traps and fusion, its gonna be too wordy so I wont state the effect in full. If you want to see the effects dun be lazy and go check this link:

GLAS-JP017 Gladial-Beast - Alexander [Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare]
-This is as godly as they can get. A 2400 magic immune. Too bad it cant be sp summoned by anything not named Dichaeri, and cant stay more than a turn. But since most days magic is mostly 1/3 to 1/2 of the deck, its pretty fierce.

GLAS-JP018 Gladial-Beast - Spartychus [Super Rare]
-This is card advantage, if u did play the armanants. Same as Alexander, jus it got to be called by Hoplomus. Used to fuse Geordias.

GLAS-JP019 Gladial-Beast - Murmillo [Rare]
-The ONLY 3 star gladial beast. I found out the hard way when calvin opened a gravity bind. The destruction is not optional, but it helps clear off remaining monsters on the field, specially gorz.

GLAS-JP020 Gladial-Beast - Bestorourii
-This is cyclone on a stick. Its relatively big, and can use for Icarus Attack (aka god jiao attack). This is the reason every other Gladial beast is worth a mirror force or Destruction ring.

GLAS-JP021 Gladial-Beast - Laquer [Rare]
-This is ure main beatstick, used to fuse Heraclenos. 2100 can go toe to toe with cyber dragon.

GLAS-JP022 Gladial-Beast - Hoplomus
-Good stuff. 2100 def is a good turn 1 set to start ure chain of gladial monsters. if searched its 2400, which is literally almost all played 6 star monsters attack. Searches for Spartychus.

GLAS-JP023 Gladial-Beast - Dichaeri
-Beat twice is not bad. 1600 is also not bad. Getting to search for Alexander is good.

GLAS-JP024 Gladial-Beast - Secutor [Normal Rare]
-Its an investment. If you can keep this ALIVe for jus 1 turn, you can get out Heraclenos in 1 go. The problem is, its small, has to be summoned by a gladial or it pretty much dead in your hand. But its well worth the risk.

GLAS-JP025 Slave Ape
-The searcher for gladial beasts. The catch is they don't get their effects since our chimp here did not enlist in gladial academy.

GLAS-JP026 Sorcerer of Spartaqua
-I put this here cause its themed what gladial beasts are trying to do: special summon from deck. The little burn can go a long way since I sometimes have trouble touching opponents LP.

GLAS-JP043 Gladial-Beast - Geordias
-This card is quite fierce. You get 2 searches, can dish some damage, and pretty much kills anything thats not a double tribute. The only sad part is you have to play Spartychus, which cant be tht bad if u played the negation traps.

「剣闘獣ヘラクレイノス」GLAS-JP044 Gladial-Beast Heraclenos
-This is a King Kong. Come out = rape if opponent has no way to kill it outside magic/trap. You should try to get this out more often, since its fun to watch ppl's faces when they see this.

「剣闘獣の檻 コロッセウム」
GLAS-JP054 Dungeon of the Gladial-Beast - Colosseum [Rare]
-The counters work with ANY recruiters, and can be quite brutal with rescue cat + 2x slave ape + forced rotation. The destruction replacement effect is jus icing so you can keep ure hard earned counters.

GLAS-JP055 Armaments of the Gladial-Beast - Halberd
-This didn't look so good. Its like cyclone blade, and u don't see much ppl playing that. The only comfort is that it is a gladial beast card, and its reusable.

GLAS-JP056 Armaments of the Gladial-Beast - Gladius
-Reusable 300 atk. V important if u wan to ram over most monsters without casualty.

GLAS-JP057 Armaments of the Gladial-Beast - Manica
-This is quite cheating. Reusable mist form. Can make sure ure gladial beasts can stay till end of combat barring any tricks.

GLAS-JP058 Resting Gladial Beast [Rare]
-Can shuffle ANY card with gladial beast in name: field, equipments and even other copies of this card. Play 3, nuff said.

GLAS-JP059 Gladial Return
-Questionable. I rarely get to use pot of avarice since i rarely get 5 in the grave. 3 isnt so hard, but the 1 card draw is abit dry.

GLAS-JP071 Disarm
- Can really tick ppl off since most magic are those that cause u harm.

GLAS-JP072 Parry
-Like Disarm, only traps. Not unplayable, but there's already royal decree in 3s in my side, so I won't be touching these.
Some combos we came up with:

Rescue Cat + Slave Ape x2 + Forced Rotation
-It either goes like 2 Laquel for dmg or 2 Dichaeri and the opponent will have to figure out how to deal with 2 Alexander next turn.

Waboku / Shrink
-This are so far the only cards i know thats trap and can make ure beast go tutor without killing it. Waboku Works good with secutor specially, since he always need 'Special Attention'.

Green Baboon
-Slave ape, rescue cat, giant rat, Dichaeri and Alexander are all beast types. Its field presense and a beatstick.

Card Trader
-As you know, you are really 90% of the time shuffling stuff back into deck, so u tend to draw back the same shit. This allows you to put them back and try again. (WARNING: it can be quite the stress to you or your opponent's hands, like say...3-4 shuffles per turn? Its your call)

Flash Absorbing Mirror
-This is a singapore metagame call, which is like...totally swarmed with L&DD. It keeps your Alexander on the field. It randomly stops Zaborg and the coming Raiou, which totally rapes this deck. You can play the Darkness 1 if you want to rape about the remaining 60% of Destiny L&DD and conventional used dark monsters, jus that Alexander wont stay put.

My body as a Shield / Solerm Judgement
-This 2 are here for v simple reasons: stop anything thats trying to screw with your combat or blowing your stuff up. Its abit costly, but in return u get board presense and a v big surprise factor.

Since this article has been v the lengthy already, I'll post a few decklist another time. Look forward to it.


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