Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today's Sunday Tournament at Jurong West

Ok. After struggling for the whole tournament, I only managed to bring home an Exodios. =/
But nvm. It was a great experience. =D
I shall post about who I met and stuff, cuz today's tournament was rather interesting to post about. I shall copy Baha's format =X
There was 4 rounds of swiss and top8 playouts.

First Round vs Colin
OXO - Win

Abit sian cuz first round meet friend liao =( stupid mantis! I blame Banana's laptop.
Anyway it was a great match esp the 2nd one. He used Malicous edge to kill me!
Haoh no chikara!

Second Round vs Fish
XOO - Win

Very tyco game. I drew everything I needed on the 2nd and 3rd game. It was the best game for the day. It squeezed alot of brainjuice outta me. Nice game fish! and I was prepared to eat Long John Sliver's or Fish n Chips for the rest of the week if he pwned me. =P

Third Round vs OMG
OXO - Win

He played gadget deck. So I nearly died due to all the widespread ruins and sakaretsu armors. He could have won if not for some stupid L&DD rulling again!!! Nvm lar. Jia you next time OMG! Dun emo liao!

Forth Round vs Wan Xin
OXO - Win

She played DD stuff. So it was abit hard to pull off the win. I remembered I went despo over changing hands so I just destiny drawed throwing the diabolic guy out of game with a dimension fissure on the field. Managed to win because of dropping Gors.

Top 8 Playouts

First Round vs Jeff
XOX - Lose

Si Yu Tiao! Anyhow rush me T_T
Lost first round cuz he managed to summon Ryu Senshi on the first turn and DDV the rest of my hand to protect it... So my traps were deemed useless for that game. So I died pretty badly.
2nd game I managed to use his ace card Bloo-D to kill him! For some reason...
3rd one was the best. I had the nicest hand on earth anyone could ever have.
3 Diabolic guys and 3 L&DD. I dunno if Baha's aura was around or wad. If in casino I win liao!
Or isit just my opponent's aura?! Haha nice game anyway!

Second Round vs theRock(?)
OXO - Win

Well this new guy I played with... I think everyone called him the rock or something.
He really knows how to play!!! Argh. He even used 2 Trapdustshoots & 1 Mind Crush on me to super control my hand! He even re used the Mind Crush with the Mask of Darkness! OH NO!
I somehow won because of reckless rushing. But this new kid's got real potential. Do expect to see him in future top 8s.

Third Round vs William
??? - ???

We didn't play because we decided to just share the 5th's and 6th's prizes as we were super tired of playing already.

I dun know all of the prizes for top 8 and who really got them.
I just know that Alex took the D.D Crow 3D, I took the Exodios, William took the D.D warrior lady and theRock guy took Toy Magician. My entry lucky pick foil was a English Riyoku! Not bad eh! hehe.

Well, hope everyone had fun today! It was a tournament worth going to. Hope Yong Siang would organise another with attractive prizes and fun competitors!


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