Friday, August 17, 2007

Card Review : E-HERO Malicious Edge

Alright!! Its time for another card review!!!! K Goulian here!!!! Today's card review will be on one of Ha Oh Judai's Evil Heroes!!! Its... [E-HERO Malicious Edge]!!! Picture and Effect below for reference.

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[E-HERO Malicious Edge]
Attribute: Earth, Type: Demon
Effect Monster, 7 stars, Atk 2600/ Def 1800
When there are monsters existing on the opponent's side of the field, this card can be normal summoned with 1 tribute. When this card attacks a defense position monster, if the attack strength of this card exceeds the defence strength of the defending monster, the difference will be dealt as battle damage to your opponent's lifepoints.(Trample Effect)

As for all the Evil Hero cards released this far... [E-HERO Malicious Edge] proves to be the best among all of them. The reason is because it is quite easy to be summoned out onto the field even being a Level 7 monster. Why? Because of it's effect of being able to be normal summoned out with just one monster sacrifice as long there are monsters existing on the opponent's side of the field! You people can just practically treat it like an Emperor Card. And trust me.. Its just big size with an attack of 2600 and needs just one sacrifice to be called out!! With somemore [Treeborn Frog] to be able to help it get out even faster so that you would not need to worry about sacrificing other monsters for it.

As for the trample effect.. It only makes this card even more powerful... When you just see a low defence strength monster on the opponent's field.. Its really a nice time to give it a whacking using [E-HERO Malicious Edge]!!! This will prove that not much defensive monsters will be able to hold up against this Evil Hero. But well there is always a [D-HERO DefendGuy] to be just 100 points big enough to block this Evil Hero's attack!

Hmmm.. Being a demon type also means that you can [Dark Fusion] it with rock type monsters to fusion out [E-HERO Dark Gaia]!! And it will be another super big size monster to deal with for your opponent!Besides another Evil Hero Monster sure helps this card powers up too!! [E-HERO Hell Gainer] is really powerful in giving [E-HERO Malicious Edge] the ability to attack twice.. Which means that some low defence strength monsters are surely going to suffer big time! And also using [Dark Ruler- Hades] is also good enough to support this card by giving it an monster effect negation. But this card being an Earth Attribute is really an headache.. But at least Konami is smart enough to make it an Earth Attribute and not a Dark Attribute even thou it was an "Evil" Hero!!! So ya no super virus combo for this card!! Its out!!

And one of the best part 0f this card is that it is an [HERO] monster!!! Which means it can be searched out by our most famous [E-HERO Airman]!!! So that its just super easy to be added into your hand in a flash! Just use [Reinforcement Of The Army] to get [E-HERO Airman] out and summon him and then search for [E-HERO Malicious Edge]! See how quick is it?

And also for this card to be a Level 7 monster also has another use... The [Metamorphosis] card will allow it to become quite a few known Level 7 Fusion Monsters that has powerful effects! Fusion Monsters like [Cyber Orge 2], [Last Warrior From Another Planet] and [King Dragun] are all powerful monsters that are usually hard to be called out by [Metamorphosis] as there are rarely any good Level 7 monsters that are in our decks these days. [E-HERO Malicious Edge] just speed things up for it.

I'll leave it to you guys to figure out more ways to make [E-HERO Malicious Edge] much more powerful than what I have stated above. So Good Luck! And till then to my next update.. Goulian Signing off!!!
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Steve Tan Shi An said...

humm.. treating E-HERO Malicious Edge as a monarch? nah.. monarch is still better.. it might works if u 1 2 build ard it.. but not really when mixing it into other theme..

Ron said...

opps.. i used my bro acc..

Bahamut84 said...

It doesnt even have a theme. Which is why it fits into any tribute decks easily.

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