Saturday, August 18, 2007

News Of The New Banlist! (September 2007 - March 2008)


Snatch Steal
Ring Of Destruction

Restricted(to 1)

Magician Of Faith
Breaker The Magical Warrior
D-Hero DiskGuy
Card Gunner
Snipe Hunter
Smashing Ground
Brain Control
Trap Dustchute
Wall of Revealing Light
Prophecy of Reincarnation

Semi-Restricted(to 2)

Green Gadget
Red Gadget
Yellow Gadget
D-Hero Diabolic Guy
Pot of Avarice
Nobleman of Crossout
Royal Decree

Removed From List

D.D Assailant
Protector of Sanctuary
Good Goblin Housekeeping
Deck Devastation Virus


Okay guys its time for "What do you think about this banlist" time!!


I guess my reviews can't end with [Cyber Twin Dragon] or any Fusion Monsters anymore =(
And ya no more powerful fusions to be appearing for an OTK situation to be succeeded!

[Snatch Steal], [Ring Of Destruction] and [Confiscation]
What goes in has to come out and go in again... Ok that sounds wrong.. But ya these cards are really too powerful, guess its natural for them to go back in again.


[Magician Of Faith]
Well this card's return will surely rock the playing field again as getting back magic cards now are even faster than ever! But ya people.. There are 2 [Nobleman Of Crossout] now.. T_T

[Breaker The Magical Warrior]
The famous Magic and Trap Destruction Warrior has returned!!! Lets Salute him!!!

[D-HERO DiskGuy]
I super expected this card to go into the restrict to 1 list.. Firstly it has a [Pot Of Greed] effect to help get a chance of turning the tables. But as what Baha said.. Too bad [Light And Darkness Dragon] did not join him inside....

[Card Gunner]
This card has been abused too much by OCG and TCG players.. Why? Go find out yourself people =X

[Snipe Hunter]
Powerful card.. Quite abit like [Tribe Infecting Virus] so ya deserves to be restricted to 1.

Ingredients of an OTK has been lessen abit more! I know a good friend who might be sad because of this.. But oh well.. Thats fate for ya =)

[Smashing Ground]
Quick monster removal card.. Most monsters these days has high defence strength like [Cyber Dragon] and [Envoy Of Hades - Gors] these kind...

Another quick monster removal card.. Low attack monsters? Well you do not want to wish that your small but powerful monsters get busted up because of this right? =D

[Brain Control]
Guess Konami has finally woken up! Slow things down for high level monsters to be summoned out.

[Trap Dustchute]
Since [Confiscation] is gone again... This might be the only card around left to look at your opponent's hand as quick as possible? Well restricted to 1 making it not so gay lol.

[Wall Of Revealing Light]
Stalling too much is wrong... Too wrong....

[Prophecy of Reincarnation]
This card ar... Personally I never use before... So ya... But its recycling ability is powerful too!


[Gadget Set]
I totally gave up hope during the last banlist about these small creatures being restricted.. But Konami gave me hope again!!! Hurray!!

[D-HERO DiabolicGuy]
Abit ....... Having 3 copies in your hand is already dreadful... What happens when this card is restricted to 2.. Having both in the hand is... "Time to pack up"

Seriously.. For so many years this card has been restricted to 1.. Now its becoming 2 copies in the deck.. Hmmm quite powerful I might think.

[Pot Of Avarice]
Quite nice when its coming back to 2!! MMPT decks might be coming out again =D..

[Nobleman Of Crossout]
Face down flip effect monsters beware... Your counterpart has been increased!!! Who am I talking to? Well [Gravekeeper's Spy] and [Magician Of Faith] and [Crystal Fortune Teller] are so going to cry soon...

[Royal Decree]
This becoming 2 in a deck is quite ok.. Since [Jinzo] came back as 2 copies.. Same as Baha I would usually use 2.

Removed From List

[D.D Assailant]
Quite a good card... Dam I have none at my disposal =(

[Protector Of The Sanctuary]
Ok Baha!!! I will play 3 copies!!!

[Good Goblin Housekeeping]
Able to refresh your handcards abit more often? Well try it out yourself guys..

[Deck Devastation Virus]
Agree with Baha.. No one uses it anyway...

For me.. This new upcoming banlist will be one of my favourite banlists ever! Much more challenging to me I think.. I don't know how Ken is going to feel about this but hey! Be sure to hear from him about his thinking of the new banlist soon =D!! This banlist will also be taking effect from the 1st of September ya... Till my next update.. Goulian Signing Off!!! You may post your thoughts about this in the Duel Chat! box there or you can also email to us =D

-Special Thanks to and XYZ Dragon Cannon from NWBBS for this great info!


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