Friday, August 24, 2007

Card Review: Mis-Revive

Hey all!!! Its time for another card review of mine! Goulian here by the way =D.. Today's card review will be on a card released in the GLAS booster pack that does not have quite a powerful effect to boast... And many might think that it is a rubbish card or something.. So ya if you guessed correct, today's review will be on [Mis-Revive]. Picture and Effect below for reference.

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Normal Trap Card
Select 1 monster in your opponent's graveyard, special summon it to your opponent's side of the field in face-up defence position.

Not a good effect especially when it benefits your opponent without any drawbacks! So lets think about it.. Is there any negative impacts that will hit your opponent when he benefits from this card? There is a few actually that can deal quite a minor but then good impact on your opponent. The keyword for this card is that it actually special summons the monster onto the field in Face-Up Defence Position.. So lets think about it.. What kind of monsters when in defence position.. Gives benefits to you? Ok here is an idea! Heard of [D-HERO DefendGuy] ?
Just use [Mis-Revive] in the Draw Phase of your turn to special summon [D-HERO DefendGuy]
onto your opponent's side of the field and then wait for Standby Phase which then you will be able to benefit from your opponent's [D-HERO DefendGuy].. True that this does not mean that you will be able to gain more cards from this combo and it still gives a 2700 butt monster to your opponent to shield him. But you just might be able to refresh your hand just a bit! Thou not much =(

Secondly is that heard of the [Appropriate] card? The effect is that whenever your opponent draws card outside of the Draw Phase, you are able to draw 2 cards from your deck.. So lets do something funky that benefits both your opponent and yourself... Why not try reviving your opponent's [D-HERO DiskGuy] back to his field? So that he will be able to draw 2 cards outside of his Draw Phase and you will be able to draw 2 cards from your [Appropriate]... Sounds quite lame but hey.. There are decks revolving around this [Appropriate] card... So people playing this deck.. Care to give it a try? =D

Thirdly is that whenever you have a [Thunder Emperor Zaborg] that is quite useless if you do not have a target to destroy and your opponent just has exactly 2400 lifepoints left! So this might be your answer.. Revive a monster onto your opponent's field and your [Thunder Emperor Zaborg] will be able to have a target to zap.. Thus letting you go in for the kill!
Or when you have a [D-HERO Bloo-D] that does not have any target to equip to himself? Maybe try reviving a super big size monster in your opponent's graveyard to his field for you to just suck over! And oh my... Your [D-HERO Bloo-D] will really be a big size monster too!

Fourth is that did you people heard of the latest card released in the Tag Force 2 PSP game? Well there is a whole combo of cards attached to the game. Firstly use [Mis-Revive] to revive a monster to your opponent's field, thus the card [Dark-Cure] will trigger which will allow your opponent to recover his lifepoints by half of the original attack of the monster that he Normal,Flip or Special Summoned... And then the monster [Fallen Angel Nurse - Reficul] will deal damage equal to the amount of life that your opponent will be recovering. And the third card [Sadistic Potion] will be able to increase the attack points of the monster equip with this trap card by 1000 points until the end phase of this turn whenever you deal effect damage to your opponent's lifepoints that is...

Lastly is that this card will be able to interrupt some cards that benefits your opponent greatly! A scenario will be that when your opponent activates the card [Pot Of Avarice] , you can just Special Summon one monster out of the 5 targets that he chooses to shuffle back to the deck onto his field so that the [Pot Of Avarice] card will not be able to resolve! But do be careful on what kind monsters you are going to help your opponent revive...

So again.. I'll leave it to you guys to think of a more powerful ways to use this card to it's fullest potential.. Till then Goulian Signing off!!!!

-Special Thanks to for Card Scan and Card Translation


chiam said...

No monsters on opp filed and having cyber D on your hand...LOL

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