Sunday, September 16, 2007

Deck: Destiny Phoenix!

Ok guys! My final decklist before I head off to dedicate myself to full-time studies for my O levels! As I never got to use a proper [D-HERO] deck before, I tried today playing something of my own style =D! But it is almost like a typical [D-HERO] deck, just that a few cards that might not be in a [D-HERO] deck at all... lol... As again I'll shoot out the decklist and say out the combos that this deck might have later on.

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 20

1x E-HERO Airman
2x D-HERO Defendguy
1x Breaker The Magical Warrior
1x Sangan
1x Magic Striker
1x Dandelion
1x Hand Of Nepthys
1x Magician Of Faith
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Envoy Of Hades - Gors

1x D-HERO Bloo-D
1x Phoenix God Of Nepthys
2x D-HERO Diabolicguy
2x Frost Emperor Morbius
1x Storm Emperor Raiza
2x Cyber Dragon

Magic: 14

2x Destiny Draw
2x Reinforcement Of The Army
1x Foolish Burial
1x Brain Control
1x Heavy Storm
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Scapegoats
1x Shrink
1x Cyclone
1x Enemy Controller
1x Early Burial


1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Deck Destruction Virus Of Death
1x Waboku
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Call Of The Haunted

So here it is above! My decklist that got me 2nd place in Khatib's tournament =D... Althought I lost to G.G last round, but it was a great match! So I had no regrets =)... Ok this deck is typically like a [D-HERO] deck, fast draw strength and quick summoning speed is what this deck has, although there is only 2 [Destiny Draw] , this deck filters fast because of [E-HERO Airman] and [Hand Of Nepthys] (provided that the [Phoenix God Of Nepthys] is in your deck and not in your hand =x)

This deck also has a great number of offense and defense! [D-HERO Defendguy] is there to block almost any attack to allow you to sacrifice it for a stronger monster in the next turn. The [Cyber Dragon] cards are also there to help in the quick speed summoning for the deck.

Some people might ask, "why the [Phoenix God Of Nepthys] for the deck?" The reason is that this deck, I had originally wanted it to be a Magic/Trap zone control deck, so the [Phoenix God Of Nepthys] is there to clear the Magic and Trap cards to allow you to go in for the attack! Not to mention that the 2 copies of [Frost Emperor Morbius] is also there to control the Magic and Trap card zone. They also can help in allowing you to reuse [D-HERO Bloo-D] effect over and over again! So you can say that actually this deck's trump card would actually be [D-HERO Bloo-D]!!!

Well thats the end of the my post for today! Till my next "last" review next week! And oh ya! I've added a new feature to the blog, every week there will be a "Card Of The Week" to be put up there at the right hand side of the blog =D! Hope that it will be able to provide more ideas to the duelists out there that visits this blog! Well Have Fun And Play Fair! Goulian Signing Off!


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