Monday, September 17, 2007

Card Review : The splendid VENUS

Hey all! Goulian here again! Today's card review will be my "last" card review before I head off to study full-time for my O levels. For my card review today..... I'll be reviewing [The splendid VENUS] card from the Limited Edition 10 booster pack! Picture and Effect below for reference.

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[The splendid VENUS]
Attribute: Light, Type: Angel
Effect Monster, 8 stars, Atk 2800/ Def 2400
As long as this card remains Face-Up on the field, all Face-Up Non-Angel type monsters has their Attack and Defence Decreased by 500 points. Furthermore, the Activation and Effects of your Magic and Trap cards cannot be negated.

Cool card ya? Well this card is 1 of the 3 planet cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. The other 2 planet cards are [The Big Saturn] and [E-HERO The Earth] =D... Well okay lets look at this card's stats. It has a good Attack Strength of 2800 points! And an okay Defence Strength of 2400 points. Sounds exactly the same as our favourite monster [Light And Darkness Dragon]!
It also has the same Attribute as [Light And Darkness Dragon]... Light Attribute! So maybe we can always use [Kaiser Seahorse] as a Sacrifice to Sacrifice Summon [The splendid Venus]. Or.... This card being an Angel Type monster, we can also use the [Gelenduo] monster card as a Sacrifice too to Sacrifice Summon [The splendid VENUS] for fast summoning!

As for the Effect of this card. First of all, when this monster is Face-Up on the field, all Non-Angel type monsters all has their attack and defence strength decreased by 500 points. Which means that this monster can kill quite alot of big size monsters with this nice effect. Examples will be like... [Envoy Of Hades - Gors] , [Dark Magician Of Chaos] , [Light And Darkness Dragon] and so on so forth.

As for the second effect of this card, I will be saying that this second effect is whats best about this card! The Activation and Effect of your magic and trap cards cannot be negated! So this might be the monster to fully counter [Light And Darkness Dragon] negation effect. Or even a very irritating monster such as [Horus Black Flame Dragon LV 8]. And your opponent will not be able to also use counter trap cards to negate your magic or trap cards. Such as [Magic Jammer] , [Seven Tools Of The Bandit] and [Solemn Judgement]. But monsters such as [Jinzo] and [Spell Canceller] will not allow either player to activate Magic or Trap cards. So in this case, [The splendid VENUS] might not be able to help you.

As for combos for this card, lets see...... Since your Magic and Trap cards cannot be negated, how about trying to use a card that affects both players? But as [The splendid VENUS] is on the field, your Magic and Trap Cards as safe. So lets try using the card [Royal Decree] , even though [Royal Decree] will negate your trap cards, but since [The splendid VENUS] is here to safeguard your Trap cards. As such your Trap cards will not be negated by the effect of [Royal Decree]. Do note that [Royal Decree] is different from [Jinzo]. You are still able to activate your Trap cards with [Royal Decree] around. But if [Jinzo] is around, you will not be able to activate your Trap cards. So... If you've activated [Royal Decree], feel free to set down Trap cards to protect your monsters! Or even cards that will negate your opponent's cards. Such as [Divine Wrath](to protect your monsters from monster effects) .
Field Magic cards such as [Sanctuary Of The Sky] and [Luminous Spark] will be able to help to power up this card too. So people playing Angel Type or Light Attribute decks, consider [The splendid VENUS]?

So guys, this is the end of my "last" review for this superb monster, anymore ideas or questions to ask, you may post it at the Duel Chat! box there or email to us! And ya, I will not be around to post more often until after my O level examinations are over. So I will surely miss all of the exciting readers to visits our blog! So see ya ! Have Fun And Play Fair! Till next time.. Goulian Signing off!

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