Thursday, September 13, 2007

Card Review : King Mist

Hey all! Goulian here again! Today's review will be on another promo card given in the Value Book 10, if you guessed correct... Today's card review will be on [King Mist] ! A card that "Amon" in the anime used... Picture and effect below for reference.

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[King Mist]
Attribute: Water, Type: Spellcaster
Effect Monster , 7 stars , Atk 0/ Def 0
If this card was to be Normal Summoned, It can be Summoned with 1 Sacrifice or no Sacrifice at all. This card's Attack Strength , is equal to the combined amount of the Base Attack Strength of the monsters used for this card's sacrifice summoning. When this card is Face-Up on the field, no Sacrifices can be made at any circumstances.

Hmmm... 0 attack strength? o defence strength? A level 7 monster? Seriously is this monster of any use at all? Well guys to tell you all the truth, this card is quite a powerful monster. Even with 0 attack strength, as long you can offer some big size monsters for it as Sacrifice for it's Sacrifice Summoning, It'll be big size too! Note that the "Base Attack" strength of the monsters used is combined to be this card's "Attack" , not "Base Attack". So good news is that, this card even when it is being [Shrink]... It will still be as big size as ever! But you people will not bear to sacrifice your high level and high attack points monsters for [King Mist] right? So... Is there any monsters that when Normal Summoned as a level 4 or below monster, will have high attack points too? Example will be like [God Beast King - Barbaros] and [Futurezord Dragon] as even though they are high level monsters, they can be Normal summoned without any Monster Sacrifices, even though their attack strength will drop tremendously. But when used as Monster Sacrifices for [King Mist] Summoning, it will surely pump [King Mist] up real big! Example for [God Beast King - Barbaros] is that it is from the latest Limited Edition 10 Booster Pack... Picture and Effect below for reference.

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[God Beast King - Barbaros]
Attribute: Earth, Type: Beast-Warrior
Effect Monster, 8 stars , Atk 3000/ Def 1200
This card can be Normal Summoned without Sacrifices. In this case, this card's Base Attack Strength becomes 1900. If 3 Monster Sacrifices was used to Sacrifice Summon this card, Destroy all cards on your opponent's side of the field.

A powerful Monster Sacrifice for [King Mist] ! Just sacrifice [God Beast King - Barbaros] itself as 1 Monster Sacrifice to Summon [King Mist]... And wow! It surely will be a 3k attack strength monster just like that!

Ok on to the next point, when [King Mist] is Face-Up on the field, no Sacrifices can be made at any circumstances... It may sound as a negative impact to your opponent, but it might also be a threat to yourself too! As you would not be able to summon more powerful high level monsters to give your opponent more whacking! But even if you can't Sacrifice anything to do anything... Such as offering Monster Sacrifices to Summon high level monsters, Special Summoning of those high level monsters is still allowed. And I've tried that even though with [King Mist] stopping me from making Monster Sacrifices, [D-HERO Dashguy] is quite useful in this situation to help you Special Summon more powerful monsters much faster and easier =D ...

This card surely is [Emperor] monster's arch-enemy, stopping them from being summoned out to use their effect and making them stuck in the owner's hand sure is irritating. [Spellcaster] support cards might also be able to help [King Mist] too, like [Dimension Gate] or [Magician's Circle] might be able to help it do well in the duel.

Well this card will die to cards like [Skill Drain] that makes Effect Monsters have no Effect at all, so this card will be totally useless against these kind of cards. But if you want to totally control your opponent, making him/her unable to Sacrifice Summon and Special Summon, I suggest having this [King Mist] and [Fossil Dyna - Pachycephalo] on the field. It'll help in monster controlling your opponent's field greatly. For info on [Fossil Dyna - Pachycephalo] , Do take a look at Ken's card review on it!

I'll leave it to you guys to think about even more powerful combos for this card, any comments or questions , you may post it at the Duel Chat! box at the right hand side of the blog or you can also email to us! Have Fun and Play Fair! =D... Till then.. Goulian Signing off!

-Special Thanks to for Card Scans and Card Translations


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