Wednesday, September 26, 2007

23rd September Tournament Top 4 Decklists

Well, there's nothing much happening now a these days except for the previous Sunday tournament. So I'll share with you guys the top 4 decklists.
I was lazy so I didn't include the side deck. Hope you guys don't mind.
4th - Yu Hang

Burn Deck
Monsters: 23
Lava Golem x 2
Marshmallon x 1
Stealth Bird x 3
Des Lacooda x 2
Des Koala x 2
Princess of Tsurugi x 2
Spirit Reaper x 1
Morphing Jar 2 x 3
Morphing Jar x 1
Locust Swam x 1
Magician of Faith x 1
Mask of Darkness x 2
Sangan x 1

Magic: 8
Premature Burial x 1
Area Level B Restrict x 1
Swords of Revealing Light x 1
Messanger of Peace x 2
Book of Moon x 1
Nightmare Steelcage x 2

Trap: 15
Just Desserts x 3
Secret Barrel x 3
Gravity Bind x 1
Torrential Tribute x 1
Solem Judgement x 2
Spell Shield Type 8 x 3
Crush Card Virus x 1
Ceasefire x 1
3rd - Guo Dong

Demise Dragon OTK
Monsters: 22
King of Armageddon Demise x 3
Manju of Ten Thousand Hands x 3
Maju Garzett x 3
Luster Dragon x 3
Masked Dragon x 3
Exploder Dragon x 2
Dragon Dwelling in the Cave x 1
Blue Eyes White Dragon x 3
Messenger of Hades - Gors x 1

Magic: 14
Future Fusion x 1
Dragon Mirror x 2
Premature Burial x 1
Advanced Ritual Art x 3
Megamorph x 1
Heavy Storm x 1
Mystical Space Typhoon x 1
Giant Trunade x 1
Card Destruction x 1
Swing of Reminisce x 2

Trap: 4
Trapdustshoot x 1
Royal Decree x 2
Call of the Haunted x 1

Fusion: 5
Five God Dragon x 3
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon x 2
2nd - Jeff

Blue D
Monsters: 16
Destiny Hero Plasma x 2
Divine Beast King Barbaros x2
Messenger of Hades- Gors x 1
Elemental Hero Stratos x 1
Destiny Hero Fear Monger x 2
Destiny Hero Disk Commander x 1
Destiny Hero Diamond Dude x 2
Destiny Hero Malicious x 2
Sangan x 1
Dandelion x 1
Teeborn Frog x 1

Magic: 20
Pot of Avarice x 1
Destiny Draw x 3
Trade In x 2
Reinforcements of an Army x 2
Warrior Returning Alive x 1
Foolish Burial x 2
Heavy Storm x 1
Mystical Space Typhoon x 1
Premature Burial x 1
Brain Control x 1
Soul Exchange x 2
Lightning Vortex x 2
Book of Moon x 1

Traps: 4
Tidal Wave x 1
Holy Barrier- Mirror Force x 1
Crush Card Virus x 1
Cry of the Living Dead x 1
1st - Poh Choon

Control Beatdown
Monsters: 19
HydroGAYdon x 3
Raiza The Storm Monarch x 2
Cyber Dragon x 2
Magic Striker x 2
Messenger of Hades - Gors x 1
Evil Hero Malicious Edge x 1
Destiny Hero Plasma x 1
Elemental Hero Stratos x 1
Breaker The Magicial Warrior x 1
D-D Warrior Lady x 1
Dandelion x 1
Sangan x 1
Snipe Hunter x 1
Treeborn Frog x 1

Magic: 14
Enemy Controller x 2
Brainwash x 1
Monster Reincarnation x 1
Foolish Burial x 1
Premature Burial x 1
Hammer Shot x 1
Smashing Ground x 1
Shrink x 1
Scapegoat x 1
Reinforcements of an Army x 1
Pot of Avariace x 1
Mystical Space Typhoon x 1
Heavy Storm x 1

Trap: 7
Sakuretsu Armor x 2
Holy Barrier - Mirror Force x 1
Torrential Tribute x 1
Raigeki Break x 1
Trapdustshoot x 1
Call of the Haunted x 1


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