Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blue Eyes Prophecy. A Tougher Foe?

Its been a week since the conclusion of the Singapore World Championships Qualifiers and way before that, I have already started testing out my Prophecy deck that was coupled with a card from the latest structure deck, Blue Eyes Descent.

The card that I used in my Prophecy deck was mentioned in the previous post. [Azure-Eyed Maiden] proved to be a great addition to the deck because she is a spellcaster monster that can be easily summoned out by [Spellbook of Judgment]. Not only that, the ability to special summon a [Blue-Eyes White Dragon] when attacked or when targetted by an effect proved to be a serious problem for many decks that are unable to handle the sudden appearance of a 3000 atk monster. Now lets get on to the decklist!

Deck name: Blue-Eyes Prophecy

Deck size: 41

Monsters: 16

2x Blue-Eyes White Dragon
1x High Priestess of Prophecy
1x Justice of Prophecy
2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Jowgen the Spiritualist
3x Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
3x Maxx "C"
1x Effect Veiler
2x Azure-Eyed Maiden

Spells: 23

2x Spellbook of Power
3x Spellbook Library of the Crescent
2x Spellbook of the Master
1x Spellbook of Eternity
3x Spellbook of Secrets
3x Spellbook of Judgment
2x Spellbook of Wisdom
2x Spellbook of Fate
1x Spellbook Star Hall
1x Spellbook of Life
1x The Grand Spellbook Tower
1x Book of Moon
1x Monster Reborn

Traps: 2

1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning

Extra Deck: 15

1x Starform Dragon / Celestial Dragon
1x Azure-Eyed Silver Dragon
1x Crimson Blader
1x Jewel Flare Dragon Stardust
1x Ancient Sacred Wyvern
1x Tempest Magician
1x T.G. Hyper Librarian
1x Armory Arm
1x Claiomh Solais the Hazehawk
1x Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon
1x Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis
1x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
1x Gem-Knight Pearl
1x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
1x Herald of Faithful Light
1x Armor Kappa

When using this deck for a locals that I joined recently, it got me to Top 8 (then we all shared prizes cause we were all hungry and wanted to go for dinner ^^). I would say that this deck works pretty well against [Dragon Rulers] and many more, but not against a mirror or a pure [Prophecy] deck. The reason being is that when you are up against a [Prophecy] deck, cards such as [Spellbook of Fate] does not target, so your [Azure-Eyed Maiden]'s effect does not work in this scenario.

Reasons for certain "abnormalities" in the deck.

Decksize of 41:

Based on my experience of playing [Genex Mermails] in the past, that deck has 2 copies of [Genex Controller] that you would not want to draw into your starting hand because it will probably be a minus 1. Having a decksize of 41 can mean lower consistency overall, but it also means that you have a lower chance of drawing into your [Blue-Eyes White Dragon], because that can possibly mean a minus 2 (if you are as retarded as me to advance summon this card with 2 tributes).

Colin, why [Monster Reborn]? :

Noticed that all [Prophecy] decks dropped [Monster Reborn] because its not fully versatile? It can't be searched and it probably would clash with [Spellbook Library of the Crescent].  But still I always find myself having the need to revive my opponent's monsters or my own for pushy scenarios. So I would say this is up to personal preference, though a [Prophecy] deck that does not have [Monster Reborn] tends to work better because of smoother consistency.

You don't want to draw into your [Blue-Eyes White Dragon], yet 2 copies of it? :

Yes 2 copies, whenever my [Blue-Eyes White Dragon] is summoned, its very vulnerable and if 1 copy of it is removed away from the game, I have backup! Plus 2 copies allows me to summon out rank 8 xyz monsters easily.

[Azure-Eyed Silver Dragon] , why is it important?

I would say that you will only synchro summon this card out mostly against [Dragon Ruler] matchups because its simliar to declaring Final Turn! to your [Dragon Ruler] opponent. Having this card out ensures that you will probably survive the next turn without scratches because your opponent is unable to [Number 11: Big Eyes] you or even [Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack] you. The only way out for your opponent, is to destroy this card by battle. Which is probably a little hard for [Dragon Rulers] unless they put in alot of effort in trying to summon out [Armory Arm] to overpower this card.

So with more and more appearance of a few variations of decks featuring [Azure-Eyed Maiden] in it, which one will you be motivated to try out? Meanwhile, till my next post!


Anonymous said...

Why do you play 3 maxx c if this prophecy can already rape dragons game one? i would main droll and lock bird over it?

CoLiN GouLiaN said...

Maxx C gives dragon ruler players a choice to either stop their special summoning unless they can kill in that turn, or give me a hefty draw.

Droll and lock bird is only in my side deck. However I would consider main decking droll and lock bird if possible as there are probably more prophecy players in singapore because its much cheaper to build it.

Yet another reason of why I main maxx C is because I always have the traumatic luck of facing Dragon rulers instead of Prophecy. =/

Anonymous said...

Prophecy's already have the match-up advantage against dragons without maxx c though.

CoLiN GouLiaN said...

I would say that they would have the match-up advantage. Only if they open up with a good hand. If you have maxx C while if u opened with a bad start, maxx C may be able to stall you for one more turn.

Anonymous said...

you're build is a bit similar to mine i liek it however i decided to take out crescents, since you're running them you dont run phoenix wind wing blast? what about cards like wonder wand and compulsory?

CoLiN GouLiaN said...

Tried out wonder wand before, it was good, however not fast enough in terms of consistency, most of the time i would want to get judgment into my hand instead. I used to run wonder wand with toon books in my previous build before this current one.

for compulsory, I couldn't find that much space to put it, however i am slowly trying, my current has 2 torrentials at the moment, trying more traps on the go.

Anonymous said...

Is this build for the next format coming up? dont see why you have justice since you're only running one priestess.

Anonymous said...

have you played this against fire fist? since they're probably going to be the next top tier deck.

CoLiN GouLiaN said...

vs Fire Fist is ok, for the next format i don't think there will be a maiden prophecy build for me at the moment. Since judgment has been banned there is no quick way to call out this girl in a prophecy deck at the moment. Though one for one may be a good choice.

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