Friday, August 23, 2013

Thoughts about the Banlist for September 2013

Its been a week or two now since the World Championships 2013, belated congratulations to Shi En Huang from Taiwan for becoming this year's Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2013 champion!

But yet again this year's world championships wasn't that all exciting since most of the decks were basically Dragon Rulers(Inzektor dominated era wasn't as boring as this but oh well).  Yet there has been a new change in the Banlist for our favourite card game and thats my post for today, what are the changes and what are my thoughts on this upcoming list.

First of all the Banlist in OCG will take place 4 times a year, basically between 2 to 3 months interval. Starting this year from September, the next following months will follow up.

November 2013
February 2014
April 2014
July 2014

Meanwhile the list of changes state to apply from the start of September.


Burner - Dragon Ruler of Sparks
Lightning - Dragon Ruler of Drafts
Reactan - Dragon Ruler of Pebbles
Stream - Dragon Ruler of Droplets
Spellbook of Judgment


Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster
Mermail Abyssteus
Wind-Up Shark
Genex Ally Birdman
Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Number 11: Big Eye
Divine Wind of the Mist Valley
Super Rejuvenation


Chaos Sorcerer
Gladiator Beast - Bestiari
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Black Whirlwind
Fire Formation - Tenki

Released from Banlist:

Wind-Up Magician
Advanced Ritual Art
E - Emergency Call
Pot of Duality
Mirror Force

Now my thoughts,


The 4 Dragon Rulers:
I actually thought that it was quite harsh since they were only recently released into the meta for about 6 months or so and haven't quite survived through another banlist list yet to get hit by the ban hammer (Dark Strike Fighter being the exception). I was actually expecting the next format to still actually be dominated by Dragon Rulers but guess Konami was going to cut them short by letting the Ban hammer fall on them quicker than expected.

The reason perhaps that their effects were just too fast in bringing out the bigger versions and this raised up the consistency of having the 4 big dragons at your disposal. If you actually discarded a big Dragon Ruler with it, its actually a 1 card effect that special summons from the deck and earns you a great deal of advantage from [Super Rejuvenation]. Who knows, now that the Banlist is 4 times instead of twice a year, they might come back again after 1 or 2 lists? (of course at a reduced amount)

Spellbook of Judgment:
Oh gosh, just when I was having so much fun with my [Maiden with Eyes of Blue]. 1 card that allows you to have an advantage of 5 - 6 cards, again same with the above Dragon Rulers, I wasn't expecting this card to really get touched since they haven't bypass another banlist yet. But guess Konami decided to do it anyway.


Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster:
Ok fair enough that since Spellbooks and Dragon Rulers were getting a big nerf, there should also be a big nerf for the 3 Axis version of the Fire Fists. Consistency lowered for a big start on card advantage. But still Do-able, but looking at this, the decks will tweak here and there to replace other lvl 3 and below Fire Fist monsters to replace Rooster. Raven perhaps?

Mermail Abyssteus & Abyss-Sphere:
Ok I see that limited this 2 cards is a good choice, yet it doesn't solve the problem of the decks as before Mermail Abyssteus was in the game, Mermail decks were working fine with [Genex Undine].  What I really think should be restricted is [Atlantean Dragoons] and [Deep Sea Diva], which the TCG has done so. Restricted these 2 cards will bring about a very low consistency for the decks and the ability to swarm the field will greatly reduce.

Wind-Up Shark:
Awww damn my Zexal Weapon deck =/. [Salvage] anyone?

Genex Ally Birdman:
No more Divine Wind FTK for self touch people out there. Though you can still try to use the combo of this card with [Stargazing Beast - Garriz]!

Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Barrier:
Sure, gets released for 2 months then go back into the banned section when November comes. Good Marketing strategy for Gold Box there.

Number 11: Big Eye:
Yes, in the older era, we would always hear, [Brain Control] wins games! In this era, Big Eyes doesn't always help you win games but... permament control change is bad and it pretty much is like 3 copies of [Change of Heart] and with the ability of being Xyz summoned so easily by Dragon Rulers and Mermails.

Divine Wind of the Mist Valley:
Sorry Harpies, just not your chance to dominate.

Super Rejuvenation:
Instead of the smaller Dragon Rulers, I was just expecting this card to get banned or restricted to 1 to nerf down the Dragon Ruler decks, but Konami has done the worst it could and oh well, won't be seeing too much of this card anymore. Same reasoning as Spellbook of Judgment, 1 card able to allow you to have 5 - 6 card advantage is too good.


Chaos Sorcerer:
Yay for Chaos Dragons and Junk Doppels!

Gladiator Beast - Bestiari:
First reaction for people when they see this, OMG LETS ALL PLAY GLADIATOR BEAST! Then dies pretty much to the modern decks.  Though maybe it can make a small stand in the upcoming Asia Plus tournament? Since basically Gladiator Beasts have their own resources such as spells and traps to keep them going.

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness:
Now I need to find another copy for usage, becareful when attacking your opponent when he/she has an empty field.  Maybe unless you can kill, don't touch your opponent? Though in these days Gorz can be easily destroyed and gotten rid off, but maybe that is what your opponent wants, wasting your resources.

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole:
No comment.

Black Whirlwind:
With Kalut back at 3 copies, why not? But really this deck probably will flourish not because of the Whirlwind, but because of [Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Barrier].

Fire Formation - Tenki:
Kind of expected! Reduced consistency for Fire Fist decks. Your cure: [Mystical Space Typhoons].

Released from Banlist:

Wind-Up Magician:
With Shark restricted at 1, this card isn't seen much as a threat as there aren't any other cards except for Wind-Up rabbit and Warrior that can pair up with this card and trigger this card's effect.

Advanced Ritual Art:
More Declarer decks for you?

E - Emergency Call:
Okay, time to play Elemental Heroes, Arrive Hero or Hero Beat for you?

Pot of Duality:
Consistency returned/increased for Control decks such as Meta Beat, Hero Beat, 4 Axis Fire Fist?

Monster gate is good, Destiny Hero Plasma is also good. But Mecha Phantom Beasts are better.

There wasn't any reason to hold this card back anymore.

Mirror Force:
This list can still bring about strong swarming decks such as Mermails and Fire Fist, not to mention Six Samurai as well, you need multiple Mirror Force to survive waves of attacks, and to finish off that irritating [Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En].

Alright thats it for my long post tonight! Its time to celebrate the return of [Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Barrier]!!!! (till november =/ )


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