Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Card Review: Stargazing Beast Garriz

Alright guys~! Its has really been awhile since my last review! Well projects are still strangling my neck tightly so I don't really have much time these days to update! Well enough excuses! Lets get the review going! Today's review will be on a card given by the [Yu-Gi-Oh! Tagforce 3] game! The card is [Stargazing Beast Garriz]!


[Stargazing Beast Garriz]
Attribute: Earth, Type: Beast
Effect Monster, 3 Stars, Atk 800/Def 800
Activate by revealing this card in your hand to your opponent. Send the top card of your deck to the graveyard. If it is a monster, inflict damage equal to 200 X the level of the monster to your opponent's lifepoints and then special summon this card from your hand. If it is not a monster, destroy this card.

Here is the star for today! Whats good and not good about this card? Lets get on with it!

Well "Garriz" here doesn't have a high attack strength nor a high defense strength too. However its effects are quite versatile in alot of decks these days. But it also depends alot on the controller's luck!

Decks such as the [Destiny Diamond Carrier] can surely carry a great ally such as [Stargazing Beast Garriz]. It makes the deck not a must to use [Zombie Carrier]'s effect to place a magic at the top of deck always. You can always put a monster such as [D-HERO Diabolicguy] on the top of your deck when you do not have [Destiny Draw] or [Dark Grepher] to discard him. And then activate [Stargazing Beast Garriz]'s effect to send your [D-HERO Diabolicguy] that is located at the top of your deck to the graveyard! Not to mention dealing a total amount of 1200 damage to your opponent at the same time! (Sounds alot like [Dark Dive Bomber] huh? Obviously it is much better =X)

However there a few ways to counter this card's effect! For example, when a player activates [Stargazing Beast Garriz]'s effect to reveal itself as a cost. You can always chain a [Mind Crush] to get rid of "Garriz"! Or like the always famous [Royal Oppression] will do the job indefinitely. [Macro Cosmos] will also render [Stargazing Beast Garriz] useless because you have to send the top card of your deck to the GRAVEYARD to be able to special summon "Garriz" onto the field. If [Macro Cosmos] was already on the field, you would not be able to activate [Stargazing Beast Garriz]'s effect. Oh yeah! Not to mention that [Dimension Fissure] will also do the same thing, rendering [Stargazing Beast Garriz] useless. So... Look out for these cards!

A few nicely done combos with this deck can also be... Using "Garriz's" effect to send a [Lightlord Beast -Wulf] from the top of your deck to the graveyard, inflicting 800 damage and then special summoning both "Wulf" and "Garriz" onto your field. Quite a nice trick for you to release those two for a advance summon of a extremely strong monster such as [Obelisk The Tormentor], [Light And Darkness Dragon] , [Angel Christia] ("Vahalla" is just enough!) and so much more!

Well thats all for the review of this card! Not much but there are more installed in a newly made deck that I've created some time ago! It of course includes [Stargazing Beast Garriz]! And I will be updating the deck next week then! Till then... Tune in to us! See you again desu!

Edited: Thanks to DS for pointing out the mistake! [Stargazing Beast Garriz]'s special summoning cannot be negated by [Royal Oppression], reason being that it is a un-confirmed special summon.

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