Friday, November 2, 2007

Card Review : Phantom Gunman

Hey all ! Long time no see! Goulian here by the way lol ! I was busy preparing for my O lvls and because of that, I was unable to post up any card reviews for like... 1 month plus? Well there is still 2 more papers before I am really free! So since I have some free time at my hands now. I'll do a review on a new card released in Johan's Duelist Pack. The card is [Phantom Gunman]! Picture and Effect below for reference.

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[Phantom Gunman]
Attribute: Dark , Type: Demon
Effect Monster , 4 stars , Atk 1100/Def 800
When this card is Normal or Flipped Summoned Successfully, you may Special Summon [Gunman Tokens]( Attribute: Dark, Type: Demon , 4 Stars , Atk/Def 500) equal to the number of monsters you control on your side of the field. During your Standby Phase, you may inflict 300 points of damage to your opponent's lifepoints for each Face-Up monster with [Gunman] in their names on your side of the field. If this effect was activated, in this turn all monsters on your side of the field with [Gunman] in their names cannot declare an attack.

So... The stats for this card is not really too small, an attack of 1100 can be compensated by the its own token producing effect. Tokens for 500 attack points can make it a 1600 attack for that turn, if the only monster you had was [Phantom Gunman] only. Naturally it will produce 1 token at least. Do note that the effect will only be activated only when [Phantom Gunman] was Normal Summoned or Flipped Summoned Successfully. It does not produce tokens when you Special Summon him back from the graveyard or by any other methods.

Ok so lets talk about the Damage Effect now. For each Face-Up [Gunman] monster you control, you are able to deal 300 points of damage to your opponent's lifepoints for each of them. Quite a good effect I will say. Since it's attack points are not very high to start with to be able to defeat the monsters of the metagame these days. An effect to deal direct damage will be good while it is able to defend the controller too. Burn or Stall Decks can consider this. Works well with cards like [Level Limit - B] or [Gravity Bind]. Typical Stall or Burn Deck Cards.

Now again about it's token producing effect. The [Gunman Tokens] are each of 500 attack and defend points. And they belong to a Attribute that is very strong! Dark Attribute. Since they are below 1000 points of attack strength. A card like [Crush Card Virus] in english also known as [Deck Destruction Virus Of Death] in jap will be able to use the [Gunman Tokens] really well. Since they are sort of like a "Free" sacrifice for the card.

Talking about Sacrifices.... I do remember that the [Phantom Gunman] and it's [Gunman Tokens] are all of the Demon Type. And since using this card will be able to generate at least 1 to 2 tokens onto your field. By having 3 Demon Type sacrifices. We can try summoning [Raviel-Lord of Phantoms] using them! Wow that will surely be a very big beatstick! And also speaking about 3 monster sacrifices... We can also use another Great monster that has been around for quite awhile in our metagame. Using 3 sacrifices for our [D-HERO Bloo-D] ! A more powerful effect monster to go in for the kill =D! The [Gunman Tokens] can't be used for [Arcana Force EX - THE LIGHT RULER] though.. Thats sad for me... Because tokens cannot be sent to the graveyard =( ....

This monster also works well with Normal Summoning other high level monsters too. Typically like our favourite dragon these days.. The [Light And Darkness Dragon].. Or maybe even monsters that needs 3 sacrifices to Normal Summon them out. Cards like [Devil's Avatar], [Devil's Dreadroot], [Devil's Eraser] will really make good use of them. Cards that support Normal Summoning too can also work well with [Phantom Gunman] and it's [Gunman Tokens]. Like [Ultimate Offering] and [Second Summon] , granting extra Normal Summoning opportunities to summon out high level monsters. Or... You can simply try using [Cannon Soldier] to deal your opponent some heavy effect damage!

Well thats the end of my review for [Phantom Gunman] , any questions or comments, do tell us at the Duel Chat! box at the right hand side of this site. And its... 2 down! 14 more new cards to go! Do expect another exciting review from Kenneth on the new cards from the new duelist packs!

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