Monday, February 18, 2013

Thoughts about the Banlist for March 2013

Been such a long time since the last update! And here we are once again at this time of the year, dropping our jaws after finding out what will be the shocking changes happening for the upcoming forbidden/restriction list due to be applied starting from March 2013.


Sangan [クリッター]
- One of the best card in the world that can be so easily abused with tuners, [Call of the Haunted]s and most importantly, [Tourguide of the Underworld]! Banning this card will absolutely see slower plays in decks that uses [Sangan] very abusively such as Chaos Agents or maybe Chaos Dragons?(Don't think so though)

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaighty [発条空母ゼンマイティ]
- Yes Wind-Ups are pretty much dead with this card banned. Or are they? 3x [Wind-Up Shark]s still around! Though consistency of the deck is pretty much more affected now, instead of 2 XYZ monsters, you'd probably just get only 1 now.

And just a picture to share with everyone since the above 2 cards are going to be banned. Thanks to Bahamut84 from Dueling Days for sharing =X

Restricted to 1:

Wind-Up Magician [ゼンマイマジシャン]
- No more summon magician, activate shark effect, come out another magician, activate shark eff, activate magici...... No more! Though still easy to summon out 3x xyz material XYZ monsters though. E.g. Shock Ruler~

One Day of Peace [一時休戦]
- Alot more peaceful without this card around imo! Harder for Chain Burn or Exodia decks to stall around. Not to mention with the recent release of a new spell book for Prophecy decks, reduce their magic count by 2 cards! Or not.

Solemn Warning [神の警告]
- Nowdays usually I only use 1 copy of this card. Starting from the previous meta onwards, as long as your life is at 6000 or below, you are no longer safe! Though this card may be the perfect counter against [Genex Undine] and [Fire Fist] related decks.

Restricted to 2:

Tsukuyomi [月読命]
- Allows Prophecy deck to roll over cards such as [Naturia Beast] , [Raiou] or even the legendary [Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8]! Delicious with the fire book for prophecies~

Raiou [ライオウ]
- Noooooooo!!! Just when this was one of the only cards to stop Mermails at their tracks when its on the field. Also have to make Prophecy decks use extra effort to kill him first (except for Tsukuyomi) before doing all the Judgment nonsense.

Advanced Ritual Art [高等儀式術]
- Hi guys! Some more [Perfect Declarer] for you~?

No longer Restricted/Released from Banlist:

Spore [スポーア]
- More plant decks? Nah~

Blackwing - Kalut of the Moon Shadow [BF-月影のカルート]
- A certain friend of mine has been wishing this card to be back at 3. Lets see how would Blackwings fare after this banlist?

Lightsworn Summoner - Lumina [ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス]
- Lightsworn decks anyone? Allows more field spamming of 3 Lumina and 1 Garoth!

Shien's Smoke Signal [紫炎の狼煙]
- This banlist is secretly signalling me to use my [Six Samurai] deck and scrub in this coming Asia Championships 2013 Singapore Qualifiers! Extra Consistency for Six Samurais to perform first turn Shien + Naturia Beast?

Mind Crush [マインドクラッシュ]
- With [Raiou] now at 2, this card would be an extra side deck card counter against Mermails and possibly Prophecy decks? I know [Dark World] decks would love this card to be at 3 copies!

What to expect this coming meta? Which are the decks that would be dominating? My guess is that Prophecy together with their new spellbook of judgment as well as Fire Fist decks which mainly are the Horse Prince versions as these are the decks that generate a hell lot of advantage.

Not forgetting Mermails as there would be a new extra pack coming soon in May! Probably we'll be getting the TCG exclusives for Mermails from the [Cosmo Blazer] TCG set?

Alright! Short update, in the meantime, take these few weeks left to tune up your deck to the new banlist and have fun!


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