Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tournament Report @ Active Game Collections 12/1/13

Decided not to troll for today's tournament by using my usual Haze Beast deck. So decided to continue to stick with Mermails since my Maxx C and Effect Veilers hasn't come back home~

Tournament: Active Games Collection Weekly
Format: 5 rounds Swiss, cut off to Top 8 Elimination
Participants: 34
Deck Used: Mermail

First Match VS Kaven (Chaos Dragon)

I had a pretty good hand in the first round so I did the normal Mermail swarming and ending it off with a Moulin to bankrupt his hand and field.

Second round was that he didn't have enough dark type monsters to give me a finishing blow so I survived. Drawing upon pot of avarice and salvage and also ending it off with a Moulin!

Second Match VS DSummon (Karakuri)

First game using [Monster Reborn] on his Burei is good stuff! After which He didn't know how to clear my field of Moulin with Burei and another monster.

Second game I got locked by his [Naturia Beast] and [Naturia Landoise].


Third Match VS Uziel Lee (Fire Fists)

First game is pretty much the same as what a Mermail deck can do. Farm farm farm and finish off the field with Megalo, Moulin and another monster! After bankrupting your opponent of course =X

Second game Uziel had a bad hand of lots of m/t but no monsters. I had the monsters that wasn't scared of his traps such as [Torrential Tribute]. So managed to beat through after a few turns of struggling against his set cards.

Fourth Match VS Wesley (Wind-Up)

First game I zoomed zoomed him!

Second game I got out stalled and he Zoomed Zoomed me back =.=

Third game, [Number 50: Black Ship of Corn] FOR THE WIN! ^^. We stalled for quite a few turns till the time I had Moulin, Abysspike and Megalo on my field. Wesley then summoned out Zenmaighty and Zenmaines, calling Zenmaines to attack Abysspike and then replacing destruction. During his end phase he used Zenmaines effect to destroy Moulin, which would mean I would have no battle phase on my next turn. But then during my turn I summoned out Black Corn and used its effect, sending Zenmaines to the grave and dealing that final 1000 points of damage to Wesley's lifepoints. Great match Wesley!

Fifth Match VS Jacob (Evilswarm)

First round, killing off his [Evilswarm Ophion] was an easy feat because I already had multiple [Genex Undine] in my hand and not drawing any other [Genex Controller]! Thus from then I was able to continue farming and go for the kill.

Second round, [Evilswarm Ophion] is just too strong!!!!!! And since I didn't draw any [Genex Undine], pretty much good game there!

Third round was a very long game. Stalled for a very long time with a [Macro Cosmos] there sitting on Jacob's field as well. I was lucky to have top decked a [Mystical Space Typhoon] to get rid of that [Macro Cosmos]! Proceeding for a few more turns of struggling, I was able to win because Jacob did a misplay of activating [Torrential Tribute] on his own Rescue Rabbit-summoned Heliptropes with the intent of wanting to destroy my monsters as well. However he destroyed a [Mermail - Abysslinde] also with my Megalo. So in the end I did not lose that many cards. However if Jacob made Ophion with that move and allowed it to survive, I will lose that game. Thanks alot Jacob for letting me win! Never let you down!

Top 8 Elimination

First Match VS Anthony (Chaos Dragon)

My turn I summoned out Undine and farmed for a Megalo. During Anthony's turn, he summoned out Hanzo and searched for a Ninjitsu. Setting down 3 cards and destroying my Undine. When it was back to my turn...... I drew [Heavy Storm] and he had no Starlight road so.... I escalated and made him totally bankrupt with Megalo, Moulin and friends.

Second round, I got escalated alot by [Trident Dragon]!

Third round, it was exactly a repeat of what happened in the first round. Exactly the same! He set 3, destroyed by Undine and I top decked a Heavy Storm, then escalated him! Sorry Anthony! >.<

Second Match VS Bixuan (Mermail)

First Mirror Match of the day~! Since it was a mirror, first game did not ended as quickly as it should be, we reduced both of our resources to the state that we need to top deck all our cards to win. With much careful planning of what Bixuan has set face down, I was able to go through his defenses and win.

Second game, pretty much similiar to the first game, we stalled till we were both left with 1200 lifepoints for Bixuan and around 1400 for myself. I top decked a [Deep Sea Diva] and used its effect to summon out a [Atlantean Marksman]. Used the Diva to attack his facedown monster which I knew was an [Effect Veiler] and then using Marksman to direct attack for game. How did I know it was a Veiler? I [Mind Crush]ed him previously when he activated [Salvage] to get back a Diva and Marksman.

Third Match VS Daniel (Wind-Up)

He wanted the box of Gold Series 2013 and I wanted the Jump Festa pack, so we didn't play.

Final Result: 1st/2nd

Alright end of tournament post today! I'll try to update with decklist tomorrow so stay tuned! ^^


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