Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tournament at Khatib on 6/12/09

Right guys, another update since like almost 7 days ago. Today's update will be on the Khatib's weekly tourney that I've manage to attend because I had off on the day =D. I didn't win any prizes but ok, at least I got into 5th place after not attending any weekly tournaments for such a long time! So below are my matchups.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Khatib Weekly Tournament on 6/12/09
Deck Used: Dimension Gladial Beasts
Format: 3 round Swiss and then Elimination

First Match Vs Bahamut84(Junk Blade Deck)
OO- = Win

I was pretty lucky when Baha didn't had the right cards to do a FTK when he started first, which allowed me to set up my field to try to prevent the FTK from working. So yes! It was plainly luck! Which resulted in extreme hatred from him for the whole day at Khatib T_T.

Second Match Vs Clarence (Secret Deck, Not sure whether he wans it to be revealed or not lol)
OO- = Win

Okay I'm quite luck in that sense too, Clarence told he that he made a wrong move or not I would have dieded pretty badly =O. It all thanks to him letting my field set up for one turn. So ya, I pretty much won the above 2 self touching decks by good luck! =X

Third Match Vs No One
- - -

Since I've already won 2 matches in a row, I do not need to play the third match lol!

Fourth Match Vs Bye
- - -

Luck was with me! Those with 2 wins would need to pick a random card, if the card picked is a magic, he or she will proceed to the next round immediately, so ya. I picked the magic card =D

Fifth Match VS Joseph (Zombie Synchro)
XX- = Lose

Looks like the luck had all been used up! Died cause when I needed monsters, no one came to my rescue, when I needed magic and traps, nothing came! So yes, luck fully used up! By the way my deck only had 10 monsters! Could be the reason due to them not coming to rescue me lol!

So total Results = 2 win 1 lose = 5th place but still... SCRUBBED! More practice!

Alright, will update again in a few days time =D Till then again! Hohoho!

By the way guys, don't forget about the team tournament held next week, information is up at the new section on the right hand side of the blog. For more information, click on the link there =)


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