Monday, March 16, 2009

Edited : Asian Championship 2009 (Singapore Qualifiers)

Well today was a battle of 5 rounds of swiss! And the deck that I was using for the day was the [Light Undead Meta Beat] lol, it should be quite familiar to all you readers out there, since it was one of the few top japanese decks before the march banlist =X. Well since this tournament did not allow [Mezuki], guess quite alot of changes had to be made. But no excuse though, I still did badly for this tournament LOL! Well below is my quite embarassing score board =(

Round 1 VS Tuning Supporter Deck OO-

Won with a 2-o in that round because it seems that the deck was doing all fine, having my [Royal Oppressions] coming to me whenever I feel like it! Though it took quite awhile for the 2 of us to finish the match because I just didn't have my monsters and my opponent didn't want to attack me so.... yea it took quite awhile lol.

Round 2 VS Gadget Emperor XX-

Quite the normal [Gadget] decks until a sudden appearance of a [Dark Emperor Gaius] totally shocked me lol. The deck started to lose the feel because the monsters wasn't appearing! So were the [Skill Drain]! I had 3 copies of it and none came out =(

Round 3 VS Lightlords OXX

Won the first round because my hand was good, controlling the field with [Royal Oppression] and [Skill Drain] with just a [Honest] in my hand to suppor the light undeads on my side of the field. The second round turned out that I didn't draw any monsters, so as with the third round, the card [Trap Eater] is very very strong!

Round 4 VS Black Feather XOX

Finally get to versus a [Black Feather] themed deck, well I thought that I was quite well prepared for it however, in the first round. I went second so I set down my [Solemn Judgement] and [Bottomless Traphole], I end my turn and you know, I got the [Delta Crow Reverse] impacted on me! Then it was back to his turn and he did the normal Black Feather Dark Dive kill combo. In the second round, I'm suspecting that he had quite a bad hand has he didn't have any cards to protect his lifepoints. So having 2 [Darkness Gear - Gokuen] and 1 [Dark Dragon Knight] pounding on his lifepoints earned me my victory for that round. In the third round, my monsters came but neither of my important magic or trap cards arrived.. So expected,
I lost it to my opponent. But it was a great and very very fast match. The only slow part was when I was side - decking my deck lol. Took awhile for me to decide on what might be the best to side into my deck for that match lol.

Round 5 VS ????

There wasn't a round 5, my opponent didn't turn up lol. So yea. I will consider this match as a lost instead of a victory gained because of a walk over lol.


Thoughts: So overall, I should be smarter next time! If you can't beat the [Black Feathers]... JOIN THEM! Plus there are quite alot of interesting decks that came out during the tournament. Losing this time helped me gained even more ideas on what to play in the next tournament. But as what Baha mentioned, perhaps [Arcanite Beat] will be the trendy deck thats running around till next June? Well we won't know till then! In anycase....



So many duelists!

Lets skip to the top 4 players!

A better view =D

Sebas and Sam fighting for 3rd and 4th place, while Alex and Sheng Kai are fighting for 1st and 2nd!

Results out! Sebas in 4th place and Sam in 3rd place!

Sheng Kai in 2nd place!

Angryboy92 AKA Alex in 1st place! DO US PROUD IN HONG KONG BOY!

A together photo *cough*

Alright photos added, and I know my photography skills ain't good. So do bear with the poor pictures lol! =X

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