Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Card Review : Assault Armor

Alright readers! This is the weekly update that I've promised! Today's card review will be on a pretty old card I presume? Today's review will be on a card from the Academy Duel Disk! The [Assault Armor]!


[Assault Armor]
Equipment Magic
While the only monster card is a Warrior-Type monster on your field, equip it to that monster.
The equipped monster gains 300 attack points. During your Main phase, you can send this card to the graveyard and the equipped monster is able to attack twice in this turn's Battle Phase.

Okay then, lets see what is this equipment's pros and cons! Firstly, it has quite a big drawback of only able to be equipped to a Warrior-Type monster and only if the Warrior-Type monster is the ONLY monster existing on your side of the field! But I guess that such problems wouldn't be existing to a pure Warrior-Type monster deck right? (Hint: My [Wrath Of Neos MK IV] deck!!!!)

As for the second part, this equipment only increases the equipped monster's attack points by 300? Well that isn't much, but it increases [E-HERO Neos] attack strength to 2800!!!!(I still think it isn't enough! They should make [E-HERO Neos] have 3000 attack strength!) But most importantly is the last effect for this equipment! The ability of losing the plus 300 attack strength effect in exchange for the effect for the equipped monster to be able to attack twice in that turn's battle phase is quite powerful!

Surely people would just say this. "Lets just forget about this equipment magic and use [Mataza The Zapper]!".

But I would say this, "But [Assault Armor] can be equipped to any Warrior-Type monster man!"

There is such a very painful combo for such a equipment card! And I'm sure you readers are pretty familiar with it!

Step 1: Equip [Assault Armor] to a Light Attribute Warrior-Type monster.

Step 2: Activate [Assault Armor]'s "attacking twice" effect.

Step 3: Declare attack!

Step 4: Damage calculation! Throw a couple of [Honest] from your hand!

Step 5: The damage ain't enough? ATTACK AGAIN!

Step 6: I think your opponent is almost dead?

Step 7: If not? I think you may need more luck!

So this card is pretty powerful don't you think? But there are tons of ways to counter it! [Cyclone] destroys it before you are able to use the "Attacking twice" effect. [Magic Shield Type 8] or cards that jams magic also counters it totally. So like what I will always say, watch out for them!

Another best combo for this card would be, its searchable by [Arms Hole]!(thats why it came together with it?)

Well thats the end of today's review, not as good as the other posts but do tune in for next week's update! Goulian Signing off~!

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