Thursday, December 6, 2007

Card Reviews: 4 Cards in 1 Review!

Hey all! Sorry that Duel Society wasn't updated for a very long time... My deepest apologies as the 2 of us Blog masters are busy with work and school. So we hadn't had time to type our reviews. (Actually it was me that haven done my review, so kenneth can't type it till my turn is over lol =X sorry ken!) So in order to compensate for the tons of late reviews that was supposed to be posted earlier... I decided to do a 4 in 1 card review post! The cards that will be in this post are... [Hand Severing] , [E-HERO Hell Brat], [Hero's Rule 2] and [Fusion Decimation]! Here I go!

First up is...

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[Hand Severing]
Quick-Play Magic
Both players send 2 cards from their respective hands to the graveyard, and then draw 2 cards from their respective decks.

Now this was a card used by Yubel-Johan, and quite a "strong" card to boast about in refreshing both player's hand cards, although the player that activated this [Hand Severing] will have a disadvantage of losing 1 card rather than the opponent, which loses no hand cards and gets the benefits of refreshing their hand. However, there are ways that will devastate your opponent on unabling to draw cards from the effects from [Hand Severing] if you combo this card with a monster card called [Protector Of The Sanctuary] as it doesn't allow your opponent to draw cards outside of the draw phase. But do note that when [Protector Of The Sanctuary] is on the field, you are unable to activate any cards that lets your opponent draw cards outside of the draw phase too.. But there is a loop hole =D.. Lets just give a simple example!

Chain 1 : Activate [Hand Severing]

Chain 2: Activate [Call Of The Haunted] Select [Protector Of The Sanctuary] as the target


Chain 2 Resolves: Special Summons [Protector Of The Sanctuary] onto the field.

Chain 1 Resolves: Both players send 2 cards from their hands to the grave. Due to [Protector Of The Sanctuary] effect. Your opponent sends 2 cards from his or her hand to the graveyard and is unable to draw 2 new cards from his or her deck. But the controller of [Protector Of The Sanctuary] is able to draw 2 new cards from his or her deck. =D Sweet combo? LOL!

Or another nice combo will be sending 2 [D-HERO Dashguy] to the graveyard during the draw phase and hope that the 2 new cards that are drawn from the deck will be monster cards. So that you are able to special summon them onto the field using [D-HERO Dashguy] effect.

And do note another important word in [Hand Severing] effect. It is "Send" 2 cards from the hand to the graveyard, and not "Discard" 2 cards from the hand to the graveyard. So [Dark World] monsters users. Do not get a wrong idea on using this card to summon out [Dark World] monsters easily ya.

And 2nd in place will be...

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[E-HERO Hell Brat]
Attribute: Dark, Type: Demon
Effect Monster , 2 Stars, Atk 300/ Def 600
When there are no monsters existing on your side of the field, you can special summon this card onto your side of the field in attack position. If this card was used as a sacrifice to normal summon a [HERO] monster, draw 1 card from your deck during this turn's end phase.

Ah! One of Ha-Oh Judai's Evil Heroes! And this is one Evil Hero that is quite powerful. Besides having a special summon effect that may be stronger than [Cyber Dragon] special summon effect. This card allows the player to normal summon a high level [HERO] monster in the first turn. Like an example will be... Special summon [E-HERO Hell Brat] and then sacrifice it for [HERO] monsters that needs 1 monster sacrifice to be normal summoned out like [D-HERO Dashguy], [E-HERO Necro Darkman] and [E-HERO Malicious Edge]. And then drawing a card during the turn you sacrificed [E-HERO Hell Brat] to normal summon a [HERO] monster.

Do note that if you sacrificed [E-HERO Hell Brat] to normal summon other kinds of monsters like [Wind Emperor Raiza] , its effect will not activate to allow you to draw 1 card from your deck during that turn's end phase. And also if you sacrificed [E-HERO Hell Brat] to special summon [D-HERO Bloo-D] , you will also not be able to draw 1 card during that turn's end phase as the [HERO] monster that sacrificed [E-HERO Hell Brat] has to be normal summoned and not special summoned.

Another combo will be... Since [E-HERO Hell Brat] is 1 of the only Evil Heroes to be a Dark Attribute. Cards like [Crush Card Virus] will work pretty well for it since it has a low attack strength. There are actually more potential in using this card. But I guess its better for you guys to find out yourselves! =X Next!

3rd in place...

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[Hero's Rule 2]
Counter Trap
Negate the activation of a Monster card effect, Magic or Trap card's effects that targets the grave.

A simple counter trap card that proves to be useful against most decks in the metagame these days. I usually has it in my side deck most of the time to be able to counter a few cards that the opponent uses them and depending on the grave for most of the effects. Cards like [Pot Of Avarice] , [Premature Burial] , [Call Of The Haunted], [Dark Magician Of Chaos] and one of the current metagame's favourite monster [Light And Darkness Dragon] revival ability.

It can also be used to protect your own cards in the graveyard from being harmed by your opponent. [Hero's Rule 2] can protect your grave from... [D.D Crow] , [Disappear], [Autonomous Action Unit], [Big Burn] and so on so forth!

Depending on you and your opponent's strategies, this card is good in both your main deck and in the side deck too. It depends on the situations too. =D Ok! Last card next!

4th in place!

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[Fusion Decimation]
Normal Magic
Discard a [Polymerization] from your hand to the graveyard to activate this card. Select a Fusion monster from the Fusion Deck and send it to the grave, select 1 Fusion Material monster stated on the Fusion Monster and special summon it from your hand. The monster is sent to the graveyard during the end phase of this turn.

This card used when Judai was so scared of using [Polymerization] lol ! But it sure is quite a powerful card to use in decks that depends on Fusion summoning strong monsters but they just do not have the required fusion material monsters in the hand or field. This card can help by summoning big sized and highly powered fusion material monsters from your hand quickly.

A few fusion monsters to use for [Fusion Decimation] will be like... [E-HERO Malicious Devil] , [E-HERO Dark Gaia] or any fusion monsters that has powerful monsters as their fusion materials. Although the monster that was special summoned by [Fusion Decimation] will be sent to the graveyard during that turn's end phase. It is not that big a problem, as most probably this card will only be used as a last resort to finish off your opponent. If you are unable to win him or her in that turn.. Then its most probably good game lol ! But do try it when you guys have thought of more powerful ideas to use [Fusion Decimation]!

Quite sorry again as a few cards here has very short reviews this time >.< .... But we will update again soon on the cards from the [Phantom Darkness] booster pack. Right after Kenneth's exciting review on the remaining cards of the Duelist pack! If you have any questions or feedbacks.. Do contact us at our email address! Thanks! Or just leave a message at the Duel Chat! box at the right hand side of this blog! Till then to my next update! And Good Luck to those participating in Sunday's Upcoming tournament! Goulian Signing off!


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