Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Something to build your deck with!

Hi guys! Colin here!

I've been thinking for awhile on how to help duelists out there build their decks!
Ever wonder if you have exceeded the amount limited to the size of your deck/extra/side and that pushes you to keep on counting and counting till you are assured that you have the correct amount?

Well Duel Society has come up with something to aid you in a convenient way!
Presenting to you the Duel Society's Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Constructor Beta V1.1!
Its features are...

- Calculates the amount of cards in the various sectors of deck building( magic, trap or monsters etc.) but you will need to key in the values manually first before the system works up to calculate the total amount automatically.

- Able to determine whether you have exceeded the restricted size of your decks. Lets say that your main deck is only allowed 40 - 60 cards and you have accidently placed a wrong value in one of the slots, the system will calculate the amount and automatically determine whether you are within the restricted limit or not.

However, this system uses the Microsoft Excel program to open!

and here are the download links for it!

for the 97 - 2003 excel file

for the 2007 excel file

I welcome any comments in order to improve this system to help all of you readers out there! =)

Till then to my next update, have fun playing around with the deck constructor!


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