Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy!!!!! With? The training for Singapore Asia Plus Team Tournament!

Well heya people. Its been a month since the last update. Well the bloggers of Duel Society, pratically speaking both Kenneth and me(Colin) have been training hard for the latest tournament that is coming up here in Singapore. Which is the Asia Plus Team Tournament consisting of 3 members in each team versus 3 members of an opposing team. Look at our training ground below! Well lets get on with the description for the upcoming tournament.


Each member will be fighting their own opponents at the same time with the usual best 2 out of 3 rounds in a match. So if lets say 2 of the winning team members won their best 2 out of 3 rounds, that team wins.

This may sound easy, but there is also a catch to it! The whole team will be sharing the banlist as well as the usual restrictions for the number of copies per card in the whole team. A few examples will be....

  • [Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning] is a restricted to one card. So only ONE copy is allowed in the WHOLE TEAM. So with 3 decks around, only ONE copy of this powerful card is allowed in ONE deck.
  • [Tragoedia] is a semi-restricted card. So its the same as the above theory, just that is a TWO instead of a one now. It also means that the card can be distributed around. Like example....

    - I have one copy of [Tragoedia] in my deck.

    - Kenneth also has one copy of [Tragoedia] in his deck.

    And that is all for semi-restricted.
  • [Mystical Space Typhoon] also known as [Cyclone] is a unrestricted card. Which means you are able to play it at 3 copies! However, it follows the ruling of only 3 copies in the whole team. So same as the above theory for semi-restricted cards. You are also allowed to distribute it to the whole team if you want to.
With that said, I guess everyone understands the above rule stated for the upcoming grand tournament.

The following below are also the dates for the upcoming qualifiers for the Asia Plus Team Tournament.

         Qualifiers Rounds Details

         Date                            Venue                         Registration Time
  • October 15 (Saturday)/Audio Ventura Trading/1300 hrs - 1330 hrs
  • October 23 (Sunday)/Audio Ventura Trading/1300 hrs - 1330 hrs
  • October 29 (Saturday)/Active Games Collection/1300 hrs - 1330 hrs
  • November 6 (Sunday)/Excel CS @ J-Cube/1300 hrs - 1330 hrs

         Main Event Details
  • November 13 (Sunday)/Cheng San CC/1000 hrs - 1100 hrs

Well then, its been a long day so I guess I will be heading to bed. I'll still have to head over to Kenneth's place for a hell training regime! In the meantime, I'd probably think of when I'm gonna post up my [Dark World] deck with 2 kinds for format. The "Promo" format, and the "Non-Promo" format. All right thats all for today people! Signing off today, start training even harder if you are participating for the grand tournament because there is only 5 days left before the day of the first qualifier round itself!

                               May the Strongest Team Win!



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