Monday, July 4, 2011

Tournament Report on the YGO World Championships Singapore Qualifiers 2011 on 03/07/2011!

Hi guys! Been a month since i last updated duel society. Well it has been a busy month because of my national service and because of it, I had to spend all my weekends on my country's national day parade preparations. But still I spent quite alot of time practicing my skills on dueling network! Which actually helped quite abit to help me to understand my deck's pros and cons. Well enough talking and lets get it started! Below is the tournament report for the tournament. Apologies as it was a long day, there were some matches I can't recall.

Tournament: YGO World Championships Singapore Qualifiers 2011
Venue: J Cube Card Masters
Number of Participants: 64

Deck used: Debris Junk Doppel

First Match VS Shaun Lin (Machina Gadgets)

1st round: With Shaun starting out with a bad hand of very little backrow cards. I was able to succeed in summoning out [Shooting Star Dragon] which he was unable to kill with a solo backrow of [Holy Barrier - Mirror Force]

2nd round: Again with [Shooting Star Dragon] by my side. He apparently also had only 1 set cards which was revealed to be [Bottomless Traphole]

Second Match VS Kaven Sue [Offering Gadgets]

1st round: I wasn't really able to overcome all of his backrow cards. Tried to stall with a defence position [Debris Dragon] against his gadgets but was totally destroyed by [Limiter Removal]

2nd round: None of my side deck cards appeared for usage. And again I died by [Limiter Removal]

Third Match VS Seto Jie [Quick Junk Doppel]

1st round: I managed to pull of a quick flood of field having 1 Brionac, 1 chaos sorcerer and 1 Dark Armed Dragon on the field to go in for the kill,

2nd round: Apparently, Seto did the same thing back to me! Must be karma =X

3rd round: It was a long match so we had a tough fight of using our magic and trap cards for protection and our [Effect Veiler]s for stopping alot of horrible stuff from happening. In that scenario of when both our resources went dry. I managed to pull off a few synchro summons first that Seto didn't have anymore resources to overcome. However, It was a fantastic match!

Fourth Match VS Calvin Ang [Graveyard Black-Feathers]

1st round: I can't recall much sorry

2nd round: Apparently we tried to stall against each other for a very long time. Until I summoned out [Chaos Sorcerer] and tried to remove his [Black Feather - Sirocco of the Dawn] away from the game but he chained upon [Deck Devastation Virus] which revealed my hand of another [Chaos Sorcerer] and a [Glow-up Bulb]. The bulb died and which I activated its effect to bring itself back to the field. I synchroed for [Black Rose Dragon] to clear the field and then I summoned out the other [Chaos Sorcerer] from my hand, special summoned [Spore] from my graveyard by using its own effect. Synchro for [Scrap Dragon] and attacked. His life was quite low at that point, which he drew upon a monster and set it face down. My turn came and I drew upon [Dark Hole] which was lucky for me as it was not a monster of 1500 atk or less. I set my [Dark Hole] and activated [Scrap Dragon]'s effect to destroy it and his face down monster which was revealed to be another [Black Feather - Sirocco of the dawn]. This enabled my [Scrap Dragon] to declare a direct attack for the kill.

Fifth Match VS Ting Jun [Tech Genus Scrap]

1st Round: He drew a bad hand which allowed me to clear board with [Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Boundary] and then went in for several direct attacks for the win.

2nd round: [D.D Crow] is just too strong, with his life floating at a point of 1200, he removed my [Lonefire Blossom] away from the game when I tried to revive it with [Limit Reverse]. This had me lost my chance for calling out [Mystic Tomato] for the kill.

3rd round: I can't remember, really sorry.

Top 16 First Match VS Akira [Machina Gadgets]

1st Round: With both of us playing very cautiously and carefully, Akira is really a tough foe to go against because of all of his years of YGO experience. Without doubt he destroyed my monsters and field with a [Limiter Removal] affected full field of Gadgets.

2nd Round: I slowly tried to gain advantage by having [Dandylion] and friends on my field stalling with [Formula Sychron] as my shield. Having [Mystic Tomato] attacking his [Green Gadget] and then summoning out [Sangan] was the only hope I could have some card advantage over him for awhile. As I managed to pull off surviving various assualts. I managed to summon out a few other bigger monsters and overcoming his set cards to win.

3rd Round: As the Judge called for time out once after Akira activated his [Solemn Warning], he was at a 2000 lifepoints disadvantage already. With that I tried to defend against his attacks as much as possible. Clearing his field till I had a [Armory Arm] and 2 Doppel Tokens on my field to reduce his life further. With my set card [Holy Barrier - Mirror Force] face down. He tried to push through my field with [Machina Fortress] but was deterred away by my face down card. Thanks to that, I got my win. However this was the most epic match of the day. Thanks to that, I learnt alot! Thank you! Akira of Duelist Codex!

Top 8 First Match VS Kaven Sue [Offering Gadgets] <---- yes again!

First Round: I managed to go pass his set cards and stopped his searching of gadgets by using [Effect Veiler]. This allowed me to slowly build up my field which then allowed me to assualt his lifepoints to go in for the win!

Second Round: I swear that [Royal Oppression] is too powerful!

Third Round: Having my [Deck Devastation Virus] stopped by his [Solemn Judgement]. I totally did not have anymore resources against his gadgets. Which he went off to killing me with a 2800 pumped up [Green Gadget] affected by [Limiter Removal]

End of tournament Results: Top 8.

Yes 8 is the magic number! Well it was a fun day and I learnt alot more from all of my different matches. Congratulations to Daniel Ang for winning this year's YGO World Championships Singapore Qualifiers 2011!

I'll be revealing my decklist in the next post as sleep is slowly overcoming me.

Next year, I swear I'll do even better!


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