Monday, September 13, 2010

Both bloggers gone for awhile due to National Service

Yes as what the above titles suggests, the 2 bloggers of Duel Society. Naming me and Kenneth, will not be around for quite a long time because......

1) Kenneth is currently serving his time in National Service.

2) Me, Colin is going to start serving my turn in National Service on the 16th of September! Which makes today one of the last three days that I still have my freedom!

So actually I'm going to express some of my thoughts today. Not really on the game but ya.

I'll just summarise it perhaps in a short paragraph.

I'm actually regretting why haven't I posted more during my free time. Now that I'm heading to serve my time in National Service as a army man. I would most probably deplete my time totally to it. Not having much time to update this blog anymore. OR if fortunately, updates will still come up, but only on rare occasions. I really appreciate all the effort that my readers take to visit my blog every time. Only to find disappointment that there isn't much updates being brought up by me. I sincerely apologise upon this. Hopefully after my National Service, I will be more responsible and blog more about dueling in the world of YGO =D (Hopefully!)

Again, thanks to all my readers! This blog is not closing down. Duel Society will still remain open here for readers to refer back to previous posts. And who knows? Perhaps one fine day, a rare update might just appear for you guys to read up on.

Till then to my update that will come quite awhile later.

Ciaossu! And Sincerely appreciating all Duel Society readers and supporters!

Colin A.K.A Dogchain/Goulian signing off~!


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