Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thoughts On The Latest March Banlist 2008

Hey all! Its been awhile! Today's update will be on the latest march banlist that will be taking effect from 1st of March 2008! Lets take a look shall we?


Magician of Faith
Magical Warrior - Breaker
Call of the Haunted

Restricted to 1:

Wind Emperor Raiza
Advanced Ritual Art
Monster Reborn
Nobleman of Crossout
Ojyama Trio

Restricted to 2:

Cyber Dragon
Light And Darkness Dragon
Foolish Burial
Book of Moon
Mage Power
Magic Stone Excavation

Released from restricted list:

Green Gadget
Red Gadget
Yellow Gadget
Android Psycho Shocker
Apprentice Magician
Creature Swap
Pot of Avarice
Reckless Greed


Now for some thoughts on the latest banlist! Lets get it rolled up!


Magician Of Faith: When this card was back from the banlist, not many people used this monster as there were 2 [Nobleman Of Crossout] around to keep this card at bay. But now with the release of [Monster Reborn] ? I guess banning this card is good to avoid somemore gay magic card abuse. Not to mention with the return of 2 copies of [Book Of Moon]!

Magical Warrior - Breaker: Awww.... The 1 for 2 card is going back into the banlist again! With [Apprentice Magician] heading to 3 copies in this banlist.. I suppose they will try to reduce some abuse among the magician family...

Call Of The Haunted: With [Monster Reborn] hitting the game again like old times.. Having 1 kind of revival gone would try to make the game abit more balanced.. But also ya.. No more end phase [E-HERO Airman] or [D-HERO Diskguy] or try to jam or opponent's trap cards with reviving [Android Psycho Shocker] ! So it proves to be reasonable? lol

Restricted to 1 copy per deck:

Wind Emperor Raiza: Guess Konami also woken up from the Emperor Madness in our metagame. [Wind Emperor Raiza] stalls your opponent for 1 turn and just by doing that. It can cause alot of damage to your opponent already. Even though in my opinion its 2nd in place beside [Wicked Emperor Gaius].. That control is too powerful !

Advanced Ritual Art: Demise Deck's key card! This proves that Demise Decks will have lesser chance of doing an OTK to their opponent's! But by restricting [Advanced Ritual Art] , it means that ritual monsters will have a weaker chance of appearing even faster! And cards like [Swing Of Reminiscence] will not work as well in decks like these as they were before..

Monster Reborn: My favourite card of all! This card is the most broken revival card in the whole game ever since I started playing! Quite happy for me that this card has returned! But ya it does have alot of disadvantages also... Now you can't do the [Knight Of The End] and throw [Dark Magician Of Chaos] in the first turn anymore! Unless you want to risk having your [Dark Magician Of Chaos] being [Monster Reborn] away by your opponent in the next turn?

Nobleman Of Crossout: Being restricted back to 1 copy will mean that Flip effect monsters can be even happier with the release of some gay effect monsters in the latest pack [Light Of Destruction].. Thats all for my comments on this card.. lol

Ojyama Trio: No more trying to jam your opponent's monster card slots! Even [Chain Burn] decks will slowly die out due to this being restricted! But I guess they can make their way around to cover the loss of this card! =D

Restricted to 2 per deck:

Cyber Dragon: No!!!! My [Super Prism Fusion] deck will become alot weaker due to this T_T... Well its okay, restricting this card to 2 copies will allow machine type monsters to be alittle safer than before? It sort of reduces the chances of summoning [Chimeratech Fortress Dragon]!

Necroface: Hmmm.. Guess some people have been playing too many [Torture Golem] + [Inferno Tempest] combo decks? As for me.. I don't really have much ideas on why this card is getting restricted... Maybe Ken will have more ideas! Leaving this to you bro! =D

Light And Darkness Dragon: It seems Konami will finally touch on this powerful dragon! Restricting this card to 2 copies will slow down the deck engine.. But will it have a devastating impact on the metagame? 2 copies of [Light And Darkness Dragon] can also prove to be over powered if you can get the 2 copies out in a flash too! So ya... It was nice that they at least restricted it to 2 copies.. At least!

Foolish Burial: Hmmmm... Trying to reduce the strength of the [Lightlord] monsters? But usually we'll just run 1 copy in our normal decks... right? lol

Book Of Moon: Being back to 2 copies will mean a little of [D-HERO Bloo-D] abuse! Or more Flip-Effect monster's abuse! [Nobleman Of Crossout] will also love to tag team with [Book Of Moon] =D

Mage Power: Another powerful equipment that can easily be searched out by [Arms Hole]! Does this powers up the [Gem Beast] decks even more? We shall see...

Magic Stone Excavation: Since [Magician Of Faith] is gone.. This card being at 2 copies can also allow you to reuse more magic cards like our ever powerful [Monster Reborn]! XD...

Released From List:

Gadgets: Awww.. Konami only touched on them for 1 banlist and they are going to release them back to 3 copies? Gosh thats a little frightening to have these coming back at 3 copies! But I'm sure with the current metagame we have. It won't be much problem handling them at 3 copies again!

Android Psycho Shocker: Like what DS said.. Konami is trying to promote the selling status of the new pack [Light Of Destruction] as there is a new [Android Psycho Lord] that needs [Android Psycho Shocker]! This also proves that trap decks will die even faster with him back at 3 copies~!

Apprentice Magician: With [Magician Of Faith] gone.. There is still [Crystal Seer]!

Creature Swap: 3 copies? 0 attack token decks might be quite happy? Or even search engine decks too! 3 copies might prove to be quite powerful! But lets see who might play 3 copies of it... lol

Pot Of Avarice: wow! 3 copies too? Does this mean that MMPT can truly return? Or isit that Konami is trying to promote [Light Of Destruction] again?! This card can help out [Lightlord] decks alot ya know =X.. But ya there is still 3 [D.D Crow] around... So... Ya...

Reckless Greed: Best when used together! But might be a bad thing too... Not much comments on this.. Lets see what Ken might think about this card being back at 3 copies!


Cards that they should touch on:

Dark Armed Dragon: Its quite a powerful free summon. Was quite expecting this card to get restricted but it seems Konami would want this gayness to continue for another 6 months?

Arms Hole: Strong card that can also be a means of revival.. But at least I'll be able to play 3 copies of it for another 6 months! Yay!

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: Hmmm.. Its strong but aint that strong but still... Its also a little almost like a free summon.. And able to summon any level of dragon type monsters is not funny.. Well.. Who'll run 3 copies of it anyway? LOL!

Well thats all for my thoughts on the upcoming banlist that is going to take effect from the 1st of March 2008! Lets hope that it'll have a big impact on the metagame! Look out for Ken's thoughts on this banlist soon! Till then to my next update! Goulian Signing off! And oh ya!! Thanks to Baha of http://duelingdays.blogspot.com for this awesome information! Till next time again! Ja na!

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