Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been a long while.

Hi guys, this is the gonna be the rarest post you'd ever get to see by me. LOL.

Yes I haven't posted anything in years. Yes years. So recently I'm back in the game, just in case not many of you have seen me playing Yugioh around and yes, my current decks are Blackfeather variants. I actually don't understand much of the game now as I literally disconnected from the game about 2 years ago. Currently, I'm trying to relearn much of what I've missed out so don't mind me being a noob all over again k!

And if you ask me, I'd prefer to play Whirlwind BF in comparison to the current trend of playing Graveyard BF. I'm not sure but, I find myself with a really small hand size after a few turns and I don't really like playing decks with small hand (yes I like playing drawhore decks like you know who from duelingdays) but I didn't have the cards to form the Librarian + Formula decks. Give me another few months and I might just eventually convert!

That aside, Colin & I has started playing Vanguard too! So, if you guys happen to play and see us, just say hi and we could enjoy a game together!

Till next time!


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